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Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Regular moving boxes typically come in small, medium, large and extra large size boxes. Packing specialty items such as a flat screen TV, pictures, mirrors, mattresses and lamps have special boxes to fit these items. Be sure to use the proper boxes whether moving or relocating. Boxes are an important tool to get items moved safely.

  1. How to Protect a Mattress While Moving

    How to Protect a Mattress While Moving
    Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping? Since that's the case, it's almost detrimental that your mattresses are in tip-top shape, especially when transporting it to a new home. From a protective mattress cover to a mattress box, these two items will ensure the average person's sleep will not be disturbed and will keep its quality as good as new.
  2. Shop Moving Boxes Online

    Shop Moving Boxes Online
    File Boxes File Boxes are great for packing legal or letter size files combined with heavy duty boxes to pack books or media like CD's, DVD's Tapes as well as office supplies and the content of your desk. Remember to order packing supplies to securely pack your office or library. Book Boxes Book boxes require special attention when packing.  Books...
  3. What Do You Need to Know About Best Moving Boxes?

    What Do You Need to Know About Best Moving Boxes?
    We all know that moving boxes are an awesome transit tool. However, what are the characteristics of the most effective ones? Take a look: They are of the best quality: It might go without saying, but it still needs to be said; the best moving boxes are of the highest quality. A lot of people tend to buy boxes that...
  4. How Variation in Sizes of Moving Boxes Can Assist in Relocation

    How Variation in Sizes of Moving Boxes Can Assist in Relocation
    Moving from place to place can sometimes be a lot of work and packing is one of the problems you will encounter when moving. Selecting the right moving box to put various items is very important. The choice of cheap moving boxes can determine if your prized possessions will arrive at your new home as damaged items or in perfect...
  5. Divine Moving in NYC

    Divine Moving in NYC
    Divine Moving & Storage is the best option in NYC and the Tri-State area for professional moving and storage services that come in on time, on budget, and with unparalleled efficiency. For two decades, Divine has been the go-to moving and storage service for New York City’s busy professionals, businesses, and families. Like the wedding planners for moving, Divine tackles...

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