Bubble Pouches 4x5.5-Inches

Bubble Bags 4 x 5.5" (Small-sized bubbles 3/16") Set of 50  Protect all of your breakables from shock and vibrations in our self-sealing bubble bags. Easily protects your valuables from damage during your move.


Bubble Out Bags 4 x 5.5

Moving can be a hassle but bubble rolls or bubble wrap bags can make this process a lot simpler. When you're ready to ship your office items or home items quickly, using high-quality moving supplies such as our bubble wrap bags is the way to go. Using our bubble pouches is the best way to go to avoid broken, scratched or chipped items. Because you can use cheap bubble bags to protect your valuable goods, it makes sense to invest in these products. Furthermore, if you ship business items unprotected, and they get damaged, it will be a costly hassle to replace them. Moreover, if you are moving valuable homes items, many times these items cannot be replaced. So, don’t take the risk of shipping without our high-quality xsmall bubble bags.

Bubble Bags and Benefits

High-quality bubble pouches have fantastic benefits. If the label says bubble bags 4 x 5.5 inches, this is exactly how much room you can use to protect your items during the moving process. Labels do not include the inch of lip that helps seal your bag closed. Therefore, after you maximize the space in these anti-static packing supplies, you can use the lip to seal your products into place. If you need to change your mind, don't worry. You can easily take items in or out of these small bubble rolls because they are manufactured with a slippery interior. As another benefit, you don't have to waste time opening bag after bag just to locate one item that you need right away. After you have shipped your items to your desired location, you can easily identify them by looking through these transparent bubble out bags.

Size Selection

You can maximize the use of our cheap bubble rolls, by easily selecting the size that you require. We have many types of moving supplies for your convenience, including both small bubble rolls and large bubble rolls. Furthermore, for those in-between items, we also carry medium bubble roles.

Shipping and Moving with Confidence

Our packing supplies come with plenty of cushion. Furthermore, you can easily organize, seal, and find your products in our bubble pouches, and then ship them with confidence. Whether you are shipping business merchandise, valuable home items, or you are moving from office to office, we are confident that our moving supplies will meet your needs.

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