Dish Saver Divider Kit

Dishware Saver Kit Provides excellent protection during moving and storage
Cell divider separates into compartments to isolate and protect dishware
Fit 6 plates, 6 saucers, 6 bowls and 6 salad plates
Each Dish Saver Pack Kit contains: 24 Reusable Foam Pouches & 1 cell-divider 
Box not included fits into a 1.5 Cubic ft. Book Box

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Moving Supplies: Dish Saver Kit

You are an aspiring artist with Norman Rockwell being your hero. Over the years, you have collected many of his paintings and collectibles, including a series of decorative plates you have proudly displayed in your studio. However, your makeshift paint studio in the attic has you more frustrated than inspired, so you have decided to lease a space in a remodeled warehouse with a panoramic view of the city to upgrade your painting career.  Moving art supplies is an art of itself…packaging paint cans, jars of lacquer, wrapping art canvases, plus the hundreds of brushes, knives and utensils; it’s a game of strategy, no doubt! But, you are always up for a challenge, and gives you a good excuse to sort and organize the many years’ worth of artful inspirations. You need good, reliable moving boxes with dividers for your supplies. is your one-stop-shop for all moving supplies. You found boxes, you found cardboard dividers, you found picture boxes, you found foam wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape.  Total bonus – foam pouches for plates! You can pack your entire studio with this one source! You begin cleaning out the attic while you wait for your free shipment of box divider kits and packing supplies. Once they arrive, you waste no time, packing in a hurry, for your final destination in the city’s skyline! Each can, bottle, jar, tube, container, bucket and jug fit securely in the compartments you created with the cardboard dividers, and the empty spaces you used to organize tools for painting. All this prep made unpacking a breeze, and the new place is killer! In honor of where it all began, you named the studio, “Rockwell Heights,” and there you will create nostalgic masterpieces for years to come!

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