De-clutter and Depersonalize

    • Clear off countertops
    • Make space in cupboards
    • Mail goes into drawer
    • Remove all magnets, photos, drawings, etc. from refrigerator
    • Pack up collections with small moving boxes
    • Put all soaps, towels, cleaning supplies under sink
    • Pack away appliances you rarely use with
    • Store frequently used  appliances like coffee pots, in cabinets with protective moving supplies
    • Put pet dishes out of way

Deep Clean and Repair

  • Light bulbs must match and work
  • Empty & clean kitchen sink daily
  • No leaking faucets
  • Clean burner pans and replace if necessary
  • All appliances must work and be cleaned
  • Scrub everywhere
  • Clean windows, screens, and tracks
  • Clean tile, grout, and floor
  • Repair damaged tile or Formica
  • Clean exhaust fans, filter, and hood.
  • Clear window ledge and blinds by sink
  • Empty garbage daily
  • Put sliced lemons in garbage disposal

Home Stage Extras

Take it to the Bank TIP #2
- Paint is an inexpensive way to revamp a room!

Poor color scheme, outrageous, dark, or faux paint, and outdated wallpaper can easily turn off prospective buyers. Painting a neutral color can make a huge difference, and you can consult your local paint store for ideas.

If you cannot repaint, then tone down a room with neutral accessories.

  • Must be bright and natural lighting is the best
  • Replace wallpaper and paint neutral colors
  • Hardwood/marble floors are a bonus show them off
  • Throw rugs makes a room look small and detract
  • Say “Welcome” with fresh flowers or a freshly baked pie