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Performance Blankets 55lbs/doz (48 Pack)

  • Qty: Set of 48 pads weighing 55 LBS per dozen
  • Size: 72" x 80" standard size moving blankets
  • Color: May vary depending on color at the time of manufacturer
  • Blanket Weight: 4.5 LBS each with zigzag stitching and binding on edges
  • Use: Less expensive for movers looking for a mid-grade moving pad

48 Performance Moving Blankets 72" x 80" 54# Professional Quality

Are you getting ready to move? Protect your expensive furniture and wall art with professional moving blankets. These high-quality performance blankets are 72" X 80" and make excellent coverings for all kinds of furniture that you want to protect.

Don't risk denting or damaging the belongings you have worked so hard to purchase. With these soft, sturdy textile blankets, your furniture will be covered in a soft film that will make them less susceptible to denting and cracking in your moving truck.

Best of all, you won't need to spend a fortune on these moving blankets. You will get a high-quality, performance blanket that doesn't match the price. Whoever heard of cheap moving blankets that didn't fall apart after one use? You will not be disappointed with these essential blanket moving supplies. We also offer wholesale moving blankets. Same quality, even lower price.

Cover your furniture and roll it into a moving truck. Or wrap your belongings and slide them into moving boxes. Whichever way you decide to use these wide, soft, sturdy blankets for your most precious belongings, you will be pleased.

Order your performance moving blankets today! You will not be disappointed with their quality. Why pay a moving company a ridiculous fee to do the same thing you can do with a few simple supplies. Order the performance moving blankets in bulk and always have them on hand whenever you need to move any furniture or heavy item that needs protection.

If your moving blankets get dirty, you can wash them just like you would a traditional blanket and allow them to air dry. Get years and years of use out of these blankets.

Purchase them wholesale if you are an owner of a moving company and help ease the minds of your clients by showing them the quality of the products you have chosen to protect their property. Purchase these moving blankets today!

More Information
SKU A0045EP48
UPC 741360978317
Weight 216.0000
Brand uBoxes
Use to cushion large furniture during a move
Wrap around furniture for protection from repairs or paints
Durable enough to withstand multiple rough uses
Perfect for outdoor activities to the park or beach
Climates with high humidity these blankets are resistant to mold and mildew
Color Blue
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size N/A