Shorty Wardrobe Boxes (Bundle of 3) 20x20x34"

Shorty Space Saving Wardrobe Moving Boxes (Bundle of 3) 20" x 20" x 34" Moving Boxes. Pack your shirts, sweaters, and jackets in these short wardrobe boxes.

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Reasons Why Using Wardrobe Moving Boxes Is Beneficial to You

Are you planning to move next week? One moving method which is sometimes ignored by movers these days is the advantage of employing wardrobe moving boxes for their clothes and other items. But what are these wardrobe moving boxes?


In case you didn’t know yet, wardrobe boxes are tall boxes made to make it simpler to move hanging items from one place to another. The majority of these boxes are designed with a tall bar which extends the top of the box. This bar enables clothes like dresses, pants, and shirts to keep in a hanging location while moving.

Thus, if you arrive at your new location, your clothes can be removed easily and hung up without any wrinkle and folds. Our wardrobe boxes at Uboxes have handles on the side of the box for simple transportation and carrying.


Moving clothes can be quite problematic. Clothes are customarily hung up in closets or folded in drawers to keep them unwrinkled or clean. If you have lots of formal wear or business suits, then it is vital that they remain in top condition. Using our wardrobe moving boxes can allow you to go from one closet to another without much stress. That can also include shoes because they can be placed in the lower part of the boxes for simple transport.

You will find some online searches which recommend that hanging clothes could be moved by just offering a bear hug as much as possible. Then you can lay them down on something like a dresser, dragging or lifting them. While that method can be alluring, anyone who has done this can tell you how inefficient it can be.

Trying to lift your stuff high enough to release the hangers can be complicated. Plus, a lot of hangers usually end up separating from other clothes. Later on, you need to determine which clothes have hangers and which clothes don’t have. Ultimately, if you arrive at your final location, you need to try to untangle the mess of clothes and hangers.


Wardrobe moving boxes can also be utilized for other tall items which you wish to remain standing or do not like to take apart. For instance, rolled up posters, lamps or bedding can be moved easily and safely with a wardrobe moving the box from UBOXES. Also, stuff which are huge and which might not fit into a standard moving box like drapes and comforters are perfect for this too.

Even if you are not planning to move today, our wardrobe moving boxes are a perfect way to keep items which you are not using regularly. It includes seasonal items such as formal wear or winter clothes. If you are utilizing a storage unit to save some space in your home, our wardrobe boxes are your ideal storage solution.

Buy now our Shorty Wardrobe Boxes with a bundle of 3 today! You can save more if you buy wholesale. Need help shopping chat with one of our product specialists!  

More Information
UPC 028672857234
Shorty Wardrobe Moving Boxes will hold most items without touching the bottom of the box
Bundle of 3 will hold a full closet with each box having a 75 lb capacity
Will fit children clothes, shirts, and pants
Metal Hanging Bar will not bend at capacity
Move your closet with ease with our shorty wardrobe bundle
Package size 34 x 20 x 4
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