Coldwell Banker Packing Tape - 3 Rolls

  • 3 Rolls of Coldwell Banker Packing Tape, 2" x 55 Yards
  • Coldwell Banker Logo is printed on the tape
  • Strong and durable for packing boxes
  • Use several strips of tape to ensure boxes stay packed for moving or shipping
  • Easy to identify boxes with multi-colored tape

Packing Tape Bundle

This bundle comes with three rolls of heavy-duty packing tape, each two inches thick with 55 years of tape.

Strong, clear packing tape is one of the biggest moving and packing essentials, used for everything from wrapping fragile items in bubble tape to sealing boxes, and it goes just as quickly as it is demanded. Tape for moving boxes can not only seal the boxes, but also repair any tears to save older boxes from being recycled when they can still be used. Save yourself from wasting money and running out of tape in the middle of your project with this bundle of three rolls of clear packing tape for one low price with free shipping!

Clear packing tape is not only an important inventory in your moving supplies but can also save you money in other ways while moving. Instead of buying expensive labels for your boxes, write the details of your box on plain paper and attach it with clear packing tape for a strong, weatherproof label. The clear moving tape has all the strength of duct tape but is easier to remove and leaves less residue. It is shipping quality for sending individual boxes. It is strong without being too bulky and can be easily cut with scissors when unpacking, and leaves boxes looking clear after multiple uses, again saving you boxes for re-use.

To make clear packing tape easier to apply and use, be sure to also check out our great deals on a variety of tape dispensers, or buy this set to refill the tape dispenser you already own from us. All of our clear packing tapes are compatible with the dispensers we sell. Never run out of this necessity for your moving project with the lowest prices straight from the factory to you!

More Information
UPC 741360977143
Coldwell Banker packing tape is strong to seal moving or shipping boxes
Use several pieces of tape to seal each end of the packing boxes
Tape is very sticky and long lasting for your household
Dispense tape with uBoxes heavy duty tape dispenser
Tape is easy to use and handy tape dispenser quickens the task of sealing boxes
Package size 8 x 6 x 4