TV Moving Box Up to 32"

  • Flat Screen TV Box
  • Up to 32 inch
  • Includes 2 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your monitor

Up to 32" TV Moving Box

Executive Assistant by day, computer geek by night. You have always enjoyed piddling in the world of technology and have accumulated many electronic pieces since living in your now crowded 1-bedroom apartment. The once computer desk has long ago been taken over by software, spare towers, speakers and other kinds of equipment you use to build bigger, better PC paraphernalia, along with any spare corner, closet and crevice. As you’ve climbed up the corporate ladder, you’ve decided it’s finally time to upgrade your living space to something more conducive to your hobby. Your home search brought you to a totally bad (as in good!) bungalow with an amazing finished attic space for your techno needs. When moving day arrives, you are armed with moving boxes in all sizes to pack computer components with the utmost care and organization. Most accessories can sit loose in the box, but for your Acer T2 series BMIDZ touchscreen monitor, you take extra precaution, as it is your digital baby. Being a guru, and money saving fanatic, you found an online source for all your moving supplies that answered all your moving needs. has become your best friend, if for nothing else, the double wall, heavy duty TV monitor shipping box secures the computer screen inside. Covering first with a roll of foam wrap, then several sheets of bubble wrap, and a double wrap of packing tape, you are confident this baby will travel with no scrapes or bruises. Buckled in the front seat of the borrowed pickup truck, you move across town to the new homestead. After everything is carried in, you begin the fun task of unpacking boxes, including your heavy duty monitor shipping box. By the end of the day, your new space is looking more and more like a scene from Mission Impossible, and finally you feel truly at home.

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UPC 741360976719
Beneficial to wrap your TV in 65' large bubble roll before packing
Product is economically favorable for customers
Directions are clearly and boldly stated on the box
Product is easy to fold and put together
Makes packing and moving your televisions a stress free event
Package size 44 x 24.5 x 2
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