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Foam Wrap Sheets 50' x 12" 1/16" Thick

  • uBoxes Foam Wrap Sheets 50' x 12" 1/16" Thick
  • Set of 50 thick foam perforated sheets that are easy to separate from the roll
  • Each foam sheet measures 12" x 12" 1/16" for personal or commercial use
  • Foam wrap supplies extra padded protection for dishware, glasses, and other fragile objects
  • 12 x 12" squares of wrap peel off as you need to ensure that your goods aren't damaged 
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Moving Supplies: 50' Sheets of Foam Wrap

It started out as a hobby just a couple years ago, and now, you’ve turned into a full-fledged motorcycle expert as your mechanical reputation has grown. Bikers from miles around ride (or pull) their two-wheeled beasts into your 3-car garage where you hold wrench parties from dawn to dusk. Neighbors poke out to hear the rip-roaring engines as the boys roll down your street. Maintain everything from oil to fork seals to petcocks to carburetors and more, you keep your hands in the grease all day long. On hand, and in immaculate order, you have motorcycle parts carefully wrapped in high-density foam sheets and organized in hefty boxes, ready to replace old parts. Documenting step-by-step repairs with your point-and-shoot camera, you show the fellas how it’s done with ease and precision. After your long day, as you close up shop, you send the cleaner, faster, better bikes off with everyday repair kits in the saddle bags that you packaged especially for the occasion - foam pouches filled with necessary tools and small parts for roadside repairs. For those bigger repairs, and not-so-close travelers, your fancy business card gives contact information for times folks need parts sent to them in a hurry. For such an event, you are stocked with shipping supplies - boxes of all sizes, packing foam sheets, bubble wrap, shipping paper and packing tape. You’re the region’s “top guy” when it comes to motorcycles, and you take the job seriously…nothin’ like a smooth ride and the wind in your face!

More Information
UPC 741360977365
Weight 0.3300
Brand uBoxes
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Easy to tear from the roll for use
Thickness is wonderful for shipping glassware
Adds padding so that your valuables are not damaged
Etsy sellers could definitely use to send small breakable items
Can be utilized for creative/personal or professional use
Color White
Material Polyethylene
Size Small Foam Sheets
Features / Extra Information 1000
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 50.0000
Product Width 12.0000
Product Height 0.0625
Package size 12 x 8 x 8
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