Secure Ordering

How Secure Is My Information At uBoxes?

From start to finish uBoxes website utilizes the latest technology in website security. To start with uBoxes uses Cloudflare on the front end to protect hackers from penetrating customer information and user logins stored in our SQL databases. DDoS attacks are prevented from this type of security and hackers are prevented from maliciously attacking our API's and websites. Content scrapers are also thwarted from obtaining information at checkout and blocks bots.

Why Does HTTPS Have A Green Lock Before The URL?

For websites with EV Certificates or also called Extended Valuation Certificates the url will have a green lock in front of it. This type of security measure let's customers know the website standard used is a premium type of security certificate to identify the website has added security for your shopping pleasure. When using HTTPS versus HTTP the S on the end signifies it is a secure version of the website encrypting data transferred from customer to store.

Why You Should Logout of Secure Websites

It is also advised to logout of secure websites after shopping. Also we recommend to clear your cookies after shopping to avoid website caching making it difficult to log back in.

Where Are My Credit Card Credentials Being Stored?

uBoxes chose Braintree Payment Processor a division of Paypal as their credit card processor. According to the industry standard all shopping carts must be compliant with PCI DSS which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. When choosing to save your credit card information the one item which does not store is the CVV which must be entered each time you place an order.

Why Does A Charge Appear On My Credit Card When I Did Not Finalize A Purchase

Braintree Shopping Cart automatically sends a small charge of up to $1.00 as a pre verification. This will drop off according to your credit card company standards of posting to your account.

A Representative Called Me To Verify My Order

A uBoxes customer service agent may contact customers from time to time on orders that have been flagged for various reasons. For example the address might not be a match to a physical address and perhaps missing an apartment number or wrong zip code. In other cases the name may not match the address being delivered to or the email bounced back. There are numerous reasons that could of caused an order to be put on hold. We work diligently to have orders delivered to the correct addresses while protecting your valuable credit card information.