4 Wheel Carpeted Dolly with 3.5" Deluxe Gray Casters

  • 4 Wheel dolly carpeted on both ends for damage protection
  • Four 3.5" deluxe gray casters for ease of movement around the house, warehouse, or office
  • Size: 19" x 32" superior strength 900lb load capacity for heavier moving of items
  • Easy to slide furniture and appliances on and off the dolly with carpeted edges to hold in place
  • Useful in the garage, home renovation, and furniture relocation to prevent back injuries
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Buying Dolly to Make Your Office Moving a Breeze

Are you considering moving your office? Well, you might be thinking which way is going to be less daunting and quicker on your part. Having to move all your office stuff and belongings is going to be an endeavor and you can either summon family members or a few friends to perform the job yourself or spend a considerable amount of money for an expert moving company. Doing it all by yourself will save you a generous bit of money to use on your family eventually, your costs will include boxes, packing materials, transportation, and ultimately, a carpeted dolly.

When everything in your office had wheels on it transporting would be very easy. However, they do not. Therefore, the next great thing is buying a high-quality industrial dolly from Uboxes. Such amazing tools enable a few individuals to transport a lot of bulky items with the least effort. You see: one or two individuals will be capable of moving tables, desks, file boxes, and documents without any hassle.

What You Need to Know About A Moving Dolly

If you are just new to office moving, then you might not be aware of what a dolly is yet. In case you didn’t know yet, there are different types of this efficient and time-saving device. One is referred to as a hand truck.

A hand truck is a device that looks like a baggage trolley. Most of this can be seen with gatekeepers at airports or train stations which are utilized to assist customers. It’s approximately a six-foot tool, and it comes along with the changeable back frame. Further, the bottom part is typically flat, so it can fit under the furniture to easily maneuver the move.

However, picture it in the shape of an L with two wheels on the corner if you are still not certain what this looks like. Thus, when a big object is relaxing on the bottom platform, you simply lean back towards yourself and push it along.

Introducing Carpeted Dolly

Another sort of industrial dolly and the most sought-after in Uboxes is made up of a carpeted rectangular board or a flat square board generally made from wood. It can also be in the form of a metal or plastic frame. The base plate has four swivel coaster wheels connected to the bottom part for hassle-free and simple moving.

Using our 4 Wheel Carpeted Office Move Dolly is very easy. However, two individuals are required to get the object on the upper part of the plate. The object of office furniture must be elevated up on one part while the dolly is a wedge into the gap under. The other part is pushed then so the object lands with its weight uniformly distributed over the platform. This kind of industrial dolly is great to employ on big pieces of office furniture with a flat square shaped base. On the other hand, those oddly shaped objects might need two carpeted dollies.

A carpeted dolly from Uboxes is the ideal moving tool for big office furniture like desks, tables and more. The flexible deluxe gray casters make this moving dolly perfect for the office, and even home use. Buy one today at Uboxes.com! 

More Information
UPC 810106516660
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Multicolor
Material Wood
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 25.000000
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 20.000000
Product Height 6.000000
Additional Information: Moving an office is quick and easy with a carpeted dolly to move office furniture
Additional Information: Easily rolls out of the office into the elevator with highrise office buildings
Additional Information: Easily store in the office closet to keep handy to move items in the office
Additional Information: Durable product and can handle up to 900lbs of weight
Additional Information: Save your Back! A movers dolly is a practical tool to keep handy at home or in the office
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