Packing Tips

Packing Tips for Moving


Welcome to the Uboxes “Pack Like the Pros” video series. We at Uboxes know that the prospect of moving can create a great deal of stress and expense. Our objective is to provide you with a detailed plan and moving tips on how to pack your belongings in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing your packing materials directly from the factory with free shipping provided. Our mission is to provide the highest quality packaging materials at the competitive prices direct to you from our factory. And to that end Uboxes and its’ affiliates deliver over 100,000 quality industry standard moving size boxes every day to our valued customers. With a complete line of moving boxes, supplies, and customized kits, you’re sure to find all your essential boxes and supplies needed for your move at very low prices.

Our experienced moving specialists are here to assist you by recommending exactly how much you’ll need for your move and assure quality delivery and satisfaction. We are so committed to our mission that we have provided video to teach you the best methods to employ when packing up your home and to avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter. You will learn what materials you will need to purchase and how to pack up the items in your house from the kitchen to the bedroom. We will teach you how to pack responsibly so that when you arrive at your new home all your valued possessions will be in the exact same condition as when you saw them last. So whether you’re purchasing boxes and supplies for your move or offering a premium to your clients for a new listing or a pre-closing Uboxes has just what you’re looking for.

Moving Supplies

We first need to discuss what materials you’ll need for packing your home. Make sure you have a permanent black marker. Mark all your boxes so you can easily find your items once you move into your new home. You also need to purchase packing tape and a tape dispenser. You’ll have many boxes to fill and close and you’ll want this process to be as simple as possible. Make sure its professional packing tape, masking tape isn’t sturdy enough. One of the most important supplies you’ll need is packing paper; please do not use newspaper as it may end up staining your valuables. You don’t want to have to arrive at your new home and have to clean each item. Paper pads have been specially designed to wrap larger items in your home. These pads are quick and easy to use and provide excellent protection. For your very fragile items such as glasses, vases, and collectibles you’ll need additional protection. Please use bubble wrap for your very fragile items. Another method to increase the protection for your cherished item is to pour some Styrofoam peanuts inside the box to prevent the contents from shifting. Another product you might be interested in purchasing is foam wrap. It will also provide extra protection for your really fragile items.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and you’ll need a variety of sizes to pack all of your belongings. Make sure you select the right box for the right items. The small moving box is used for packing books, tapes, videos, tools, small appliances, and small kitchen items. The medium moving box is used for packing items such as smaller stereo equipment, kitchen items, linens, and toys. The large moving box is used for packing linens and other oversized items.

The extra large moving box is used for extra bulky items like pillows and comforters.The dish pack or the kitchen box is designed to protect and cushion fragile items as it has double walled protection. Look at the difference in the thickness of the dish pack and a regular box. This box will be used for dishes, plates, and glasses and any other items which need to be protected. Wardrobe boxes are used to protect hanging clothes, each box comes with a secure steel bar for hanging. The mirror box is used to pack framed pictures, glass tops, and mirrors. Another versatile box to use is the lamp box which is tall enough to protect your valuable lamps. The file box is very handy for packing the files in your office and it’s easy to load and ready for moving. Uboxes also supplies a wide variety of other sized boxes make sure you select the right box for the articles you’re packing. Purchasing you materials is stress-free and simple

Assembling your Moving Boxes

You’re now ready to learn how to assemble your boxes. Unsure how to assemble a moving box? No worries, we'll help you! Some of your boxes will come folded. You need to unfold them and tape the bottom securely. You’ll need one strip of tape to secure the top and 3 additional strips across the seam. And then you’ll use one strip of tape on each side. You’re now ready to turn over your box and start packing but before you do tape down the front two sides of the box this will allow you easy access to load your content. Many of the boxes made by Uboxes already come with the sides on the top down for easy access all you have to do when you’re done packing is simply break the seal and your boxes are ready to go.