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ClamShell and 3 Rolls of Tape

  • 3 Rolls of Clear Packing Tape
  • 2" x 55 Yards + ClamShell Tape Dispenser
  • Tape your cardboard boxes with several strips of tape to secure bottom and top
  • May use tape over labels or paper or other ways to identify boxes
  • Tape parts in Reclosable bags to the entertainment center, bed, and other furniture
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Clamshell Packing Tape Dispenser

When purchasing moving supplies, one item that is essential to making your move easier is packing tape. Unlike most other types of tape, packing tape has an adhesive that works extremely well for sealing boxes. The most critical spot for taping is the bottom of the box. If a poor quality tape for moving boxes is used, then the box will not be able to stand the weight of the items you packed. This will not only result in the hassle of having to re-tape and then pack everything again, but you could also end up with damage to your belongings that have fallen out from the bottom of the box.

That’s why it’s important that your list of moving supplies includes packing tape, which is sometimes also referred to as moving tape. A common complaint about packing tape is its ease of use. Many argue that it’s frustrating trying to find the end of the roll, given that the tape is clear. Others argue that having to cut moving tape with scissors is a pain because it takes extra time and the scissors become sticky from the adhesive. As a result, they end up using an easy to tear tape, which is often not a tape for moving boxes, and they end up with the problems mentioned above. Unfortunately, if they would have simply added a tape dispenser specifically for packing tape on their list of packing supplies, they could have saved themselves the trouble.

The clamshell tape dispenser is made specifically for moving tape. It is made to accommodate the large size of the tape roll, and the tape dispenser also has a serrated edge, meant for cutting through the packing tape and its strong adhesive. To make packing and moving go so much easier, be sure your list of packing supplies includes packing tape and a tape dispenser.

More Information
UPC 741360977136
Weight 0.9500
Brand uBoxes
This package is a cost efficient way to pack, ship and move your boxes
Clamshell does a great job of tearing the tape for use
The clear tape is very tacky and will stick to many surfaces
Awesome for a big or small move
Easy to seal boxes filled to the brim
Color Clear
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.5