Picture / Mirror Boxes 8 Sets

  • Picture / Mirror Boxes - Please see Assembly in pictures to put the boxes together
  • Set of 8 32ECT Corrugated Boxes - see pictures for small and large sizes for artwork, mirrors, and paintings
  • 6 boxes size 30 x 40 inch (use two pieces each) for smaller artwork
  • 2 boxes size 40 x 60 inch (use four pieces each) may be used with bubble cushion to fill spaces
  • Picture and mirror boxes are for moving or storage only
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Moving Boxes for Pictures / Mirrors

Last year you took an amateur photography class and have been faithfully practicing your skill ever since. Every opportunity you get, you are behind the lens of your Nikon D800E, snapping shots of life around you. A few months back you entered a contest in Digital Photo Magazine and to your astonished surprise, your photos came in first place! A series of hummingbirds and cardinals from your own backyard has won you national attention.

Apparently, your name has spread throughout the bird enthusiasts’ community, and requests for your prints are coming in daily! You’re receiving a sweet compensation for each, so photo packaging is critical to further your popular reputation. After the printing and framing, you carefully wrap art pieces and secure them in sturdy picture boxes you found online at Uboxes.com. The first layer is a thick foam sheet, followed by a full covering of bubble cushion wrap, secured with wrapping tape and placed inside the picture box. After a hefty layer of tape on the outside, your pride and joy are labeled and mailed securely to its’ destination. So far, all have been received in impeccable condition and first-time buyers are coming back for seconds! A picture is only worth a thousand words if it is packaged smart – congratulations on your young success and finding Uboxes.com to help!

More Information
UPC 810042151901
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Specialty
Product Type Moving Box
Features / Highlights Manufactured 32ECT, Protect artwork and mirrors for moving and storage, Fragile do not lay flat warning message, wrap items with bubble, packing paper, or foam for protection and void fill sold separately
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 24.000000
Product Length 30.000000
Product Width 40.000000
Product Height 4.000000
Additional Information: Set of 6 two piece adjustable picture or mirror boxes up to 30" X 40" X 4" depth
Additional Information: Set of 2 four piece art or mirror boxes extending up to 40" X 60" 4" depth
Additional Information: Consider wrapping mirrors with bubble cushioning before placing in mirror boxes
Additional Information: Mark or label all artwork boxes as 'FRAGILE" or "HANDLE WITH CARE"
Additional Information: See picture pouches to wrap artwork before placing in the artwork boxes
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