Moving Box Sizes

What Size Moving Boxes to Use

Knowing what size moving boxes to use is proven to not only cut the costs but preserve the content during the transit. Using a box that the contents barely fit in it will leave hardly any room left for protective aid such as Packing Paper or Packing Peanuts resulting in an increased risk for breakage. Packing with larger than necessary moving boxes, on the other hand, will increase the cost of the boxes and packing material leaving too much room in the box. This results in the shifting of the content inside the box which is the biggest contributor to the content damages while moving. Another important point to consider is being mindful of the weight of the contents in relation to the box sizes. Over-stuffing the large and extra-large moving boxes will make them difficult to lift and carry but also increase the risk of breaking open during the move or crushing when stacked in storage.

Packing X-Large Moving Boxes

uBoxes Extra Large Moving Boxes offer a generous 4.9 cubic feet of interior space making these boxes ideal for packing of the bulky lightweight items such as the plastic containers, linen, pillows, and comforters. Packing cushiony items like comforters offer a great opportunity to pack some fragile and difficult-to-pack items like lamp bases inside them. The following is a list of other items perfect to pack in the X-Large Moving Boxes:

Lamp Shades
Children Toys
Stuffed Animals
Bulky Winter Clothing
Any Article of Closing Not Being Hung in the Wardrobe Moving Boxes
Area Rugs and Bathroom Rugs
Tupper Wear and Other Non-Fragile Kitchen Items

Remember, while you can protect some items by packing them inside the clothing or comforters and pillows but always make sure they do not add an excessive weight to the Large Moving Boxes to the point of breakage or making them hard to lift or carry.

Packing Large Moving Boxes

uBoxes offers large boxes in two different sizes and configurations. The Premium Large Boxes18” X 18” X 24” are printed with room destination and and room for a "FRAGILE" sticker on the exterior of the boxes. The other option is the 20” X 20” X 15” Large Moving Boxes with plain exteriorsThe Large Moving Boxes are manufactured at a sturdy 32 ECT but the same rule of not over-stuffing them also apply to these boxes. The items ideal to pack in the Large Moving Boxes are very similar to the Extra-Large Boxes.

Packing Medium Moving Boxes

Like their Large Moving Boxes, uBoxes offers two different sizes for the Medium Moving boxes. The Medium Moving Boxes are a perfect size and a cost-effective solution for packing smaller items in the kitchen, bathrooms and any other rooms in the house. Premium Medium Boxes are larger and taller at 18” X 18’ X 16” while the other Medium Moving Boxes are somewhat shorter at 18” X 18” X 14”. Regardless of which style of Medium Moving Boxes you purchase they are perfect for packing of:

  • Perfect Size for Glass Pack and Dish Pack Inserts (Order Separately)
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Books
  • Video Tapes, CDs and small Audio Video Equipment
  • Remote Controls, Audio/Video Cables, and Small Speakers
  • Kitchen Utensils, Dishes, Pots, and Pans
  • Small Garden Tools
  • Dry Food Like Cereals, Flour Bags, Rice, Pasta and other Packages of Food
  • Garden ToolsMany Items in the Garage Including Tools, Paint and Electric or Battery Powered Tools

Irrespective of what you pack in these Medium Moving Boxes, always pay special attention to the weight of each box as overstuffing them will only increase the risk of breakage and damage to the content of the boxes during the transit or when stacked.

Packing Small Moving Boxes

These boxes are also offered in two different style and sizes. The Premium Small Moving Boxes like other Premium Moving Boxes are printed boxes, larger in size and slightly taller at 16 3/8” X 12 5/8” X 12 5/8”, while the Small Moving Boxes are a bit smaller and shorter at 16” x10” x 10”. Premium Small Boxes are very versatile in packing so many small yet heavy items such as:

  • Heavy Small Kitchen Utensils
  • Knife Sets and Wood Block for Knives
  • Books
  • Heavy Tools
  • Canned Food
  • Small Kitchen Gadgets
  • Small Electronics

Small Moving Boxes are easy to stack but like all other moving boxes, they should be packed correctly by filling the void area and securely taping the top and bottom of each box with several strips of packing tape. Spending a few extra minutes in methodically packing the moving boxes will reward you with the damage-free arrival of your valuable belongings. Uboxes offers an impressive selection of the high quality packing supplies in the competitive price range and free shipping. Order early and use the Packing Peanuts, Packing Papers, Bubble Rolls and Bubble bags to fill in the void area and be generous with Moving Tapes by Taping the middle or the boxes where the two flaps meet followed with two additional tapes on each side of the middle tape simultaneously covering both the tape and the box.