Pack like a Pro

Packing The Rest of the House

How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Packing the Bedroom

Our next room to tackle is the bedroom. When packing hanging clothes you’ll want to use the wardrobe box. This will prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled. Remove the clothes from your closet on their hangers and place them neatly in the wardrobe box. You can also place belts and wrapped shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe box. Don’t over pack the box. It’s really quite a pleasure getting to your new home and easily transferring your hanging clothes from the wardrobe to your closet. For folded clothes use a medium moving box. Remove your clothing from your dresser drawers and place them neatly in this box. Cover the top with the paper you don’t want to cut open the box and damage your clothing.

We are now going to show you how to pack your lamps. Be sure to unscrew the shade and remove the harp and the bulb. Start by placing the lamp in the center of a brown paper pad. Use the wrap and roll technique and make sure the chord is on the outside of the paper not against the lamp to keep it from scratching. When you’ve finished wrapping the lamp, place it in the box with the top facing up. Cushion the empty spaces by filling in the sides and the top with soft items such as throw pillows. Next, you’ll need to pack the lamp shade. Place some crumbled paper in the bottom of a medium box and place the shade with the top down. Fill the center of the lampshade with wrinkled paper and don’t forget to wrap up the lamps harp and light bulb. Place both of these items directly in the middle of the lamp shade and cover the top with an extra layer of protection. Seal up your box and label the contents, with arrows pointing upward.

There will be a variety of paintings, photos, and mirrors throughout your home. It’s essential to provide them with protection since they are usually quite fragile. Place your framed picture on a brown paper pad, roll the picture inside the pad, and apply packing tape to secure the edges. The mirror box comes in two different sizes which are two or four parts depending on the size of your art, mirrors, or tabletops. Roll the packing paper into a cylinder and line the four sides of the open box, place the picture in the box and add the last two cylinders. You’ll then take the second section of the box and slip it over the open end. And you’re paintings are now protected.

You’ll want to protect your mattress and keep it clean when you move it especially on the truck. Uboxes provides mattress bags in all sizes. It’s so easy to use. Simply slide it over your mattress and your mattress will arrive in the same condition it left in. There may be an assortment of odds and ends in the bedroom. A good example might be the toys in your kid’s room. Pack the hard toys in the bottom of a medium box and fill the top with soft items like stuffed animals.

Packing the Living Room

The next room we will pack up will be the living room or a den. Stereo or video equipment should be wrapped in paper. Use the wrap and roll technique, make sure the chord is on the outside of the paper. Place it in a box, flat. When packing stereo or video equipment make sure that all the remotes are packed with the components. Also, fill any empty space with soft items. When packing books use a small moving box and place the books in the moving boxes on their edge. Always remember pack heavier items in smaller boxes.

Packing the Bathroom

The bathroom should be one of the last rooms to pack up. To pack toiletries you should use the small moving box. Wrap two or three bottles of toiletries using the wrap and roll technique. Make sure you don’t pack any aerosols or items under pressure. Throw out those items you rarely or never use. All liquids should be placed in the box with the items face up.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Uboxes moving tips and tricks and packing basics video and that you’ve come away with information that will allow you to pack up your household in an efficient and cost effective manner. Once you have the right materials and employ the proper packing techniques your move should be worry free. Please contact our support staff at Uboxes and they will assist you in selecting the materials you’ll need for your move at a substantial savings. And don’t forget all shipping is free directly from the factory. Visit us online at or call us toll-free at 1-877-uboxes1.