Garage or Carport Home Staging

Staging Homes Entryway

Organizing A Garage For Selling Your Home

  • Carports have to be completely cleared out—except the car
  • Garages swept and organized medium moving boxes are good for tools. If you must store in part of the garage, keep it neat.
  • Keep garage doors down
  • Keep car in garage unless using for storage
  • Move boats and RVs to storage facility or a neighbor’s home several homes away

Outside Entryway

The outside entrance to the home is the grand entrance and is extremely important.

  • Clutter free and tidy
  • New paint or varnish front door
  • Rustoleum for chipped or rusted mailbox or guard rail
  • Replace door hardware i.e. door knocker, kick plate, lock and handle system
  • Replace doormats unless brand new
  • Windows and fixtures should be polished
  • Use container gardening for color
  • Full lush flower arrangements in terra cotta pots are the finishing touch
  • One or two max so you don’t block the entry
  • One color type ensures finished look
  • Add greenery to make container flourish

Inside Entryway

  • Enhance the size of the foyer by keeping the areas open and floors clear
  • Remove all moving boxes and storage gear
  • Clear the hall table; possibly add greenery or ivy to the table
  • Remove all clutter, shoes, and overburdened coat tree
  • Take out anything that obstructs the view of your house i.e. plants, lamps, furniture, etc.
  • Accessorize with mirror, flowers, or greenery vignette
  • Use neutral or no rug at all
  • Rooms should flow easily into the next room