Dust Cover - 1 Pk

  • Dust Cover for covering furniture, or larger objects
  • Pack of 1 plastic furniture protector
  • Fits up to 10 ft x 20 ft items and can be secured with tape, moving straps or rope
  • Heavy grade Polyethylene protects against weather elements and punctures
  • Use for renovation projects to cover large size furniture
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Plastic Dust Cover

When you're making a list of moving supplies that you'll need, don't forget the furniture dust covers. Dust covers can make the moving day much less stressful and enable you to enjoy your new home that much faster by protecting your possessions along the way.

Let's face it, moving can be a dirty, grimy, sweaty and just downright messy business. Even with a well thought out plan and the best of intentions, you can't always control what happens when several people arrive to help you move, the weather doesn't cooperate or other unforeseen circumstances arise.

Perhaps you'd never dream of setting your grandmother's china cabinet down in the dirt and grass of the front lawn, but when somebody's back gives out or you discover there won't be enough room on this truckload, after all, the china cabinet may end up in a temporary holding spot not really suitable to its value. Maybe you never thought of protecting your couch until a light rain begins to fall and visions of a musty scent filling your new home send your stomach into knots. Then again, it could be your piano, antique dining room table, custom-built bookcases or any number of furnishings that you never thought would be ruined until something unexpected happened.

Dust covers can also protect your high-value electronics, such as your flat screen tv, stereo system or computers. These are the items for which you spent a great deal of time comparative shopping and in which you've invested a lot of money. Keeping dust, dirt, and water from invading the complex wiring of these machines can be crucial to them working properly for a number of years. In cases of electronics, dust covers are a must-have to protect your investment.

Regardless of what kind of furniture or electronics you're moving, the transition to your new home will go much smoother if you use dust covers during the move. When you use dust covers, you can position your furniture in your new home, slip the covers off and voilà, you're ready to use your couches, tables, lamps, and dressers just as you did before they were crammed into a moving truck and handled by several people. By using furniture dust covers, your possessions will arrive in great shape and be ready to use the same day. When you avoid having to do a thorough cleaning after a long moving day, you'll be glad you took the time to use dust covers.

More Information
UPC 810150480139
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material Polyurethane
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.900000
Product Length 20.000000
Product Width 10.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Additional Information: Large UBMOVE plastic cover protects against soil, dust and water damage
Additional Information: Perfect for large furniture, tables, sofas, and other heavy items to keep dust or paint off
Additional Information: Defends against any odors that may arise during the moving or storing process
Additional Information: Strong enough to hold the weighty objects placed on top of the covered items
Additional Information: Clear material allows you to see the object under the cover
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