Creating A Customer Account

Why should you create a customer account? uBoxes has customized different types of accounts to accommodate different customer needs. The uBoxes’ moving box kits have been created to provide a single shipment of an assortment of the moving boxes in different sizes in addition to the packing supplies sufficient to pack certain number of the rooms. The uBoxes’ moving kits are a great time saving tool to pack the contents of any size dwelling from a college dorm room to more than 10 room homes. Shipping all moving boxes and packing supplies in the moving kits is less costly than shipping them separately. This saving allows Uboxes to transfer the discount to their customers in the form of low prices and free shipping. Purchasing moving box kits also eliminates driving around and looking for different moving boxes and packing supplies in different retailer retail type settings. uBoxes is a moving supply store carrying everything customers need to move their home or business.

Wholesale Mover Account

This type of account is ideal for the movers who require wholesale moving kits delivered directly to their clients or wish to purchase wholesale moving equipment such as dollies, cheap moving blankets, stretch wrap, or hand trucks to stock their moving vans or containers. For your customers who want to pack themselves, uBoxes will dropship the moving box kits, specialty boxes, and packing supplies ahead of time so customers are prepared for their moving day. For packers this type of account can also get the right packing supplies delivered and the crew just needs to show up and start packing.

University, Military, Union, and Charity Accounts

People and businesses always have to move at some point in time. A large group of people in the same field of business may find their members moving more often than others. Universities have students arriving every fall and moving out in the spring. With this many students, it is easier to have boxes dropship directly to the campus rather than having to drive around looking for moving supplies. The moving experts at uBoxes have created a dorm room kit that offers just the right size boxes and packing materials to help the college students prepare move-in and move-out day. Military members are relocated every so often and they need a dependable online packing store to purchase the right amount of supplies for each move. Union members get relocated from project to project and at times need packing materials for their job depending on the tasks.

Easy Check Out As A Guest

Many times customers prefer to check out as guests. If you are moving and looking for a quick-one-step checkout order. When you get to the shopping cart just check out as a guest.  This may be a preferred method to easily purchase moving products and receive the tracking numbers in the email you have provided with your order. If you require further assistance you may always email, chat online or call one of our customer service specialists.

uBoxes services many industries and has different types of account setups depending on the type of business. If your business requires bulk purchases for business use or your company is a reseller, please call our marketing department (877) 826-9371 or email for more details.