Product Information

Comparing Product Information

When comparing moving products it is important to know some of the terminology, measurements, and special features that helps consumers decide on the quality and price comparisons when shopping for products. Here at uBoxes we strive for the best products at the best prices and provide you the information to decide for yourself.

Moving Boxes Size Comparisions

When shopping for moving boxes not all small, medium, or large boxes are the same size. When comparing pricing it is important to compare the size of the boxes as well as the ECT and single wall or double wall boxes. These three factors help determine the price of the box.

To compare cubic feet use the following formula:

Length x Width x Height / 1728

For Example: uBoxes large moving box:

20 x 20 x 20/1729 = 4.6 Cubic Feet

Now when you go shopping you can compare not only box sizes but also the Cubic Feet if you need storage space for your boxes.

Comparing Moving Kits

Moving kits can contain different size moving boxes and packing supplies. You wonder what is the best deal to find the cheapest moving box kit? To start with use the formulas above to compare box sizes and multiply the quantity of each size. Next look at the packing supplies and the widths, lengths of each supply along with what is included for the better deal. Also, consider whether the shipping fee is included or an additional expense. Room Tape is more expensive than regular packing tape. Or does the kit have packing tape and room labels? Is the packing paper 3lbs, 5lbs, or 25lbs? All these items add up to an additional value that you must consider when purchasing the right moving kit for your move.

Moving Blanket Comparison

Moving Blankets have different qualities. Most moving blankets are sold by lbs per dozen. The higher the weight generally means the better the quality. For example, blankets used by our customers for soundproofing generally start at the 85lbs weight per dozen known as Supreme Blankets. These are also the sturdiest blankets for movers with frequent use. If you are looking for one-time use blankets consider a textile moving blanket that may be reused in the automobile for carting items after the move or renovation projects. For medium grade moving blankets consider the 65lbs or 75lbs moving blankets that have multi use. Uboxes camouflage moving blankets add style for outdoor sports and adventure.