Moving Box FAQ's

Most Common Moving Box FAQ

How strong are your boxes?

In accordance with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper, we use the process known as Edge Crush Test (ECT) to test the strength of our boxes. Another name for this known as the 200lb test. All our boxes are at least 32 ECT/200lb and meets all acceptable industry standards.

How are your boxes measured?

All box sizes are inside usable dimensions and are formatted by length x width x height.

Do you sell individual boxes?

No, all our boxes are sold in bundles or in our moving kits.

Are your boxes brand new?

Absolutely! All our boxes are brand new and of the best quality. We do make our moving boxes smaller than other boxes sold by large moving and storage companies because our customers are self-movers and they tend to focus on manageability and carrying weight.

How much can I fit in each box?

This will vary depending on the size of the box and type of items being packed. To get the cubic feet of a box use the following formula (l x w x h)/1728. Small boxes are best for small heavy items like books. Medium boxes fit 80% of normal household items. Large and extra large boxes are best for large, light items like bedding and large children toys. Always pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Remember to fill the void areas with packing materials to keep from shifting during transit.

What does double wall mean on your kitchen boxes?

Our double wall boxes are ¼” thick with two walls of corrugation layered on top of each other for extra strength. These are perfect for packing heavier fragile and valuable items for your move.

How do I know what moving kit to choose?

Our moving kits are a great way to get started on your packing. The moving box kits are sorted by the number of rooms in your home.  It is important to think about what you are packing and base your decision of that. Some kits are heavier on supplies (for packing fragile items), have more boxes (for things like books, loose items, blankets, etc) or contain wardrobe boxes (to hang your clothes). Go to the moving box kits for more information.

What is the difference between the shorty and large wardrobe boxes?

The large wardrobe boxes are 6” taller than the shorty and bit wider. You will want to use the larger boxes for hanging dresses, suits, and pants.  For shirts and shorter items, we suggest using the shorty wardrobe boxes. The wardrobe box consists of the box and a hanging bar.

How much clothing fits in a wardrobe box?

Each Wardrobe Box holds about a half a standard size closet (four-foot closet). If you have an entire closet of clothing, you will need two boxes. If you have a walk-in closet just divide the linear feet of hanging clothes by two and that will tell you how many wardrobe moving boxes required.

How are the boxes and kits shipped?

All our boxes and moving kits are shipped flat packed and wrapped in a protective plastic covering. Large, Extra Large, Mirror, Kitchen, Wardrobe, and Lamp boxes are folded given the larger size. This makes it easier for our customers and our shipping partners to lift and carry compact packages. Moving kits may be packed into multiple packages depending on the size.

I ordered 30x40 mirror/picture boxes but received all 40x60?

The pieces used to put together the picture boxes are the same regardless of the final size of the box. To create a 30”x40” you will use two panels. To make a 40”x60” you will use 4 panels.  All panels are marked 40”x60”. With two panels you will create an enclosure in which the solid edges surround the frame. Imagine the lines being a representation of the closed sides creating something similar to an L 7. The larger one is created by using four interlocking panels that overlap in the center.  Instructions are available on the website. Video instructions are available on

What is the largest and smallest dimensions of your TV box?

We sell one size TV moving boxes which is adjustable up to 70”x6”x42”.  The box fully open with no overlap is 72" wide but we don’t recommend a TV wider than 70" inches. Our TV box is heavy duty double wall and instructions are listed on the website. The bubble cushion wrap is sold separately.

Can I fit a twin or full mattress into your mattress box?

We sell one size mattress box which fits up to 80”x12.5”x79”. It can be adjusted down to 80”x11”x40”. We recommend measuring your mattress first to ensure fit. If the box is too big, we suggest you purchase a void fill item such as newsprint packing paper or bubble cushion wrap.

Do any boxes have handles?

We offer moving boxes in small, medium, and large with handles. Please search for Premium moving boxes.

Do you sell custom sizes?

Yes. For special orders, please send an e-mail or call Customer Service Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm EST. Minimum quantity required, based on square footage of box. Free shipping does not apply to custom orders.