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Moving Box FAQ's

How strong are our boxes and how are they formatted? 

In accordance with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper, we use the process known as Edge Crush Test (ECT) to test the strength of our boxes. Another name for this known as the 200lb test. This test meets all acceptable industry standards. Our boxes are formatted Length x Width x Height. More information on the strength of Moving Boxes.

How do I know what moving kit to choose?

Our moving kits are a great way to get started on your packing. You will receive an assortment of box sizes that will help you determine what boxes are working best for your needs and you’ll be able to order more of that size.   We suggest starting with a kit that consists of medium and large/x-large boxes, which are our most popular size boxes for moving.

How are your boxes measured?

All of our box sizes are inside usable dimensions and are formatted, length x width x height.

What’s the difference between the shorty and large wardrobe boxes?

The large wardrobe boxes are 6” taller than the shorty and bit wider. You will want to use the larger ones for hanging dresses, suits and pants.  For shirts and shorter items, we suggest using the shorty wardrobe boxes.

What does double wall mean on your Kitchen boxes?

Our double wall boxes are ¼” thick will 2 walls of corrugation on top of one another which are perfect to use when packing heavier fragile and valuable items for your move.

Are your Boxes brand new? 

Absolutely! All of our boxes are brand new and of the best quality. We do make our moving boxes smaller than other boxes sold by large moving and storage companies because our customers are self-movers and they tend to focus on manageability. 

Do We sell custom sizes? 

Yes. For special orders, please send an e-mail or call Customer Service  Mon. - Fri., 9am - 5pm EST. Minimum quantity required, based on square footage of box. Free shipping does not apply to custom orders. 

Are our boxes shipped flat or folded? 

Our XLarge, Mirror, Kitchen, Wardrobe, and Lamp boxes are folded given the larger size. This makes it easier for our customers and our shipping partners to lift and carry compact packages.

I ordered 30x40 mirror/picture boxes but received all 40x60?

 All of the panels (pieces) used to put together either size mirror/picture box, are the same. The difference is to create a 30”x40”, you will use 2 panels and to make a 40”x60”, you will use 4 panels.  All of our panels are marked 40”x60”. Instructions are available on the website.

What is the largest and smallest dimensions of your TV box?

We sell one size TV box which is adjustable up to 70”x6”x42”.  The box fully open with no overlap is 72" wide but we don’t recommend a TV wider than 70" inches across to put inside. Our TV box is heavy duty double wall and instructions are listed on the website.