Home Staging Tips


Congratulations and best of luck on your new venture and sale of your home! Here are some helpful house staging tips to get your home prepared for potential buyers. It is critical that you prepare your home to sell for the highest price and in a shortest time possible. Now you may be asking "What do Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies have to do with selling my home?" The answer is simply "de-cluttering", which is the first step to get your home ready to be showcased to buyers. This is when our affordable moving boxes and packing supplies will become a must have to assist you with the de-cluttering mission.  All our quality moving supplies are factory-direct to your doorsteps in the most competitive prices. To sell your home faster and for more money, it is imperative to follow the staging tips for selling your home for the best price and in a shortest time possible.

To begin, please keep the following important points in mind:

  • First, people buy on emotion and only later use logic to rationalize their decisions. By helping people fall in love with your home they'll be more likely to overlook the negative and emphasize the positive. Increasing the emotional appeal of your home is done by improving its visual perception. Most people have a difficult time visualizing what a home can be, and so it's important that your house shows well.
  • Second, the minor touch ups and little costs you incur today is much less than the price reduction on your house in the future. A mere 3% or 5% price reduction could add up to thousands of dollars when inspection reports and negotiating prices are offered later in the transaction. 

De-Cluttering and Staging of a Home:

  • Start with completely De-cluttering and De-personalize each room. This is important because clutter can be distracting and make your rooms appear crowded and much smaller than their actual size.
  • Depersonalize means removing anything that would detract from the home's mass appeal such as family photos and collections. Keep in mind that it's more difficult to envision the home as your own when you're looking at another person’s family photographs. This is also where our moving boxes and packing supplies will come in handy helping with packing away extra items completing the de-cluttering process. When packing the kitchen the Kitchen Boxes and Kits by uBoxes are specialty boxes designed for packing the kitchen items in a safe manner
  • The second step is Deep Clean and Repair. The importance of cleaning your home is obvious since a untidy home can make your home unappealing. However, deep cleaning really ratchets up the emotional appeal. Think about when you buy or sell your car. Does a cleaned up car that's vacuumed, washed, and waxed have a better chance of being sold than the same car full of trash and with a dirty look? You bet it does and for more money!
  • Major Repairs are essential, but minor repairs are also important. An unkempt house is a sign that things may not have been taken care of. The potential buyer could also have an exaggerated idea of how much it would take to fix the problem. Maybe a 10 cent washer fixes a leaky faucet but the prospect thinks that may be several hundred to replace the entire faucet fixtures.
  • Put away the small appliances, extra dishes as well as the pots and pans to de-clutter your kitchen. Use uBoxes’ Kitchen Moving Boxes and Supplies Kit to securely pack and store all kitchen items that are not used on a daily basis while organizing your kitchen. Yes buyers will look in your cabinets!
  • Remove all seasonal and unwanted clothing. This will make your walkin and regular closets look larger. For easy packing of your extra clothes use Wardrobe Boxes from uBoxes. These boxes act like mobile closets and you can transfer the clothes from the closets in your current home to the closets in the new home securely hanging in the Wardrobe Boxes and without the need for folding them. The Wardrobe Boxes also keeps your clothes free of dust and soil eliminating the need for dry cleaning when you arrived in the new destination
  • Finally, design to sell by adding accessories that appeals to the mass. You've already removed your personal decorations but you need to have something that appeals to the everyone’s taste. Usually, neutral paint with bolder accents works well. Also, a few well-placed decorations in groups of three’s are a good way to compliment a room.

These staging tips for selling your home take you from the bird's eye view of the video to an up close and more detailed view of each room in your house.

Remember a little work now in staging a home to sell can save you a lot of money and time later!