Our History

Uboxes Vision

uBoxes Moving Supplies Store

uBoxes launched their business in 2004. The initial concept was offering online moving and packaging supplies with great pricing and free shipping to the doorsteps of their customers. Soon after uBoxes became an innovative and consumer-friendly company with an emphasis on great customer service. The breakthrough for uBoxes came right after they first pioneered the number of rooms moving box kits that included all the necessary boxes and packing supplies. The moving kits were designed in four different style kits for a dorm room to 10 room kits:

  • Economy Moving Kit – This kit was designed for the bare bones mover who wanted boxes but few packing materials
  • The Basic Moving Box Kit – The contents included the basic necessities to move
  • Bigger Boxes Moving Kit – This set was for the mover who had more than average contents to pack and move needing bigger boxes and more packing supplies
  • The Wardrobe Box Kit – Designed for the household moving their dry cleaning and designer clothes. The Wardrobe Boxes are a portable closet that can be easily packed and unpacked

New Moving Products Arrival

During the past decades the consumer products have been evolving as new technologies introduce gadgets, electronics and appliances. These new products create demand for compatible moving boxes and packing supplies. For example, TV moving boxes for flat screen TV's and mattress bags and boxes to protect mattresses. There are new products to aide in lifting called moving straps for the DIY movers to do the lifting much easier while reducing risk of back injuries. We continually strive to make moving easier by locating quality goods while lowering the costs for our valued customers.

B2B Shipping Supply Store

The next phase of the company growth was the expansion of the company to offer B2B shipping supplies through their sister store called StarBoxes.com. The product line expanded to include different types of packaging supplies such as multi size corrugated cardboard boxes, double walled boxes, mailing envelopes, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, bubble rolls, and many other shipping supplies.

Sourcing Moving & Shipping Supplies

Sourcing is a major component for both uBoxes and StarBoxes. Utilizing smaller specialized manufacturers locally as well as importing goods from overseas has become a necessity to bring the best product and prices to the market and stay up to date with the ever-changing moving industry.