Product Dimensions

Importance of Measuring the Packages Prior to Shipment

Most people put more emphasis on the weight of the packages being shipped than correctly measuring them. This could become a costly mistake especially for the shippers who deal with high volume of packages on a daily basis. Beside the occurring unnecessary costs, the packages could be denied by most carriers like FedEx or USPS due to larger than the standard package sizes in their guidelines. For example, the size of the packages shipped through FedEx, UPS, or the Postal Service all guidelines with package size and weights. uBoxes packaging has been optimized for the best value and shipping method to ship each package. For example on some of the larger moving kits the package contents have been divided up into multiple boxes for best rate shipping and to comply with size requirements.

  • Volume of a Package - Simply multiply the Length X Width X Height

  • Dimensional Weight - Divide Volume by 305 Inch or 5,000 Centimeter

  • Length and Girth - Add the Length + Width X 2 + Height X 2

uBoxes Product Dimensions

In order to make these calculations easier, has all the necessary dimensions in each product page under these guideline:

  • Dimensions for Boxes – All moving boxes dimensions are listed as L x W x H, which is Length x Width x Height. While this applies to majority of the moving boxes and supplies offered by uBoxes, occasionally other terms may be used, such as Doube Wall Boxes, Long Boxes, Specialty Boxes or Tall Boxes. The dimensions for all moving boxes are listed with product descriptions, simply click on the product to see the short description and the measurements of the box sizes

  • Dimensions for Bundle Boxes – Look under Detail tab for the dimension of the Bundle Boxes as a package and in the short description for size of each box

  • Dimensions for Bubble Rolls – Listed in the description of each Bubble Role which included the Length and Width. For example a Large Bubble Role may list as 65’ and 24” showing the role as 65’ Long and 24” wide

  • Tapes Dimensions – The dimension for tapes are generally indicated under the pictures and product description pages. The tapes measurements are by the width in inches and length in yards

  • Dimensions for Packing Papers – The packing papers are identified by both weight and dimensions., as well as the approximate number of the sheets. For Example a category for packing papers may appear as 100 lbs Packing Papers, Approx. 2,000 Sheets, 24”-28” Wide and 30” to 36” Long

  • Dimensions for Moving Blankets - The Moving Blankets dimensions include the number of the blankets, size and weight. The weight is calculated based on a dozen blankets and represents the strength and cushioning ability of the moving blankets making it it is as important as the size in all moving blankets. A moving blanket category may be listed as: 6 Pack, 65 lbs/dozen and 72” x 80”

  • Packing Peanuts – Also called Foam Peanuts is measured by the volume only. For example a bag of Packing Peanuts may be listed as 35 Cubic Ft.