Moving Supplies FAQ

Most Common Moving Supplies FAQ

How well does your packing tape stick?

Our packing tape is a 1.9 mil acrylic carton sealing tape made for sealing the corrugated boxes and will adhere to your box. We suggest a two-strip method in each direction to secure hold. For heavier boxes use the H taping method down the center of the box and on the sides.

Does your room label tape secure the boxes together?

No. The SmartMove room label tape is meant to assist in identifying the room the boxes belong in. To seal the boxes please use our standard 2” packing tape.

What is a clamshell dispenser?

A clam shell tape dispenser is a lightweight, handheld plastic tape dispenser with a jagged edge for tearing. The clamshell is mainly for a one time move, versus our heavy-duty tape dispenser which will last many years.

What is the difference in small, medium, and large bubble roll wrap?

Bubble Cushioning is also classified by the height of the cellular chambers. Each bubble size is not exclusively designed for one purpose but may instead fill a couple of different needs. Small bubble roll provides protection for surfaces as well as a layer of cushioning for lighter items against vibration. Medium bubble roll is best for heavier items that need surface protection or shock absorption like mirrors and pictures. Large bubble roll is best for filling a void in boxes.

Is your bubble cushion wrap perforated?

Yes. All of our bubble is perforated every 12” on the length of the roll.

Is your foam wrap perforated?

Yes. All of our foam wrap is perforated every 12” on the length of the roll.

How do I know what moving blankets I need?

Moving blankets are measured by the dozen. A 65# moving blanket means that it is 5.42 lbs per blanket, when divided by the dozen. Typically, your mover will suggest the weight of the blanket needed. However if you are packing and making your own move, please refer to our moving blankets category

Are your mattress bags self-sealing?

Our mattress bags are not self-sealing. Once you insert the mattress, you will have to fold some of the plastic over and tape it closed. Please note that mattress bags have small holes for ventilation and do not offer airtight storage.

What is the mini and large stretch wrap used for?

Our 5” mini stretch wrap with handle is great for wrapping small furniture items such as end tables, tall lamps, legs of chairs and small appliances. Our 20” large stretch wrap is suggested for wrapping larger items such as headboards, mirrors, dressers and appliances.

How thick is your packing paper?

Our newsprint packing paper is made from recycled material so the thickness and color may vary. Therefore, it is sold by the pound instead of by the sheet. Number of sheets may vary per pound.

How many packing peanuts are in 3.5 cubic feet?

3.5 cubic feet is approximately 22 US dry gallons and is shipped in a thick plastic poly bag via USPS.

What size box does your glass pack cell divider kit fit in?

Our glass pack cell divider kit fits into our Premium Small box which is NOT included in the kit. The kit fits standard sized water and wine glasses.

What size box does your dish and glass partition insert 4 pack fit in?

This kit fits in our kitchen moving boxes18”x18”x28”. Foam pouches are not included with the inserts and must be purchased separately.