1 Room Moving Box Kits

Our 1 room moving kit is a basic package that can be used to get your packing started on your house, finish your packing up, or if you just have one room to pack then this should be all you need. It has an assortment of moving boxes and packing supplies that should cover most of your needs.

The standard moving box kit has 10 small packing boxes and 10 medium boxes totaling 29.16 Cubic Feet. We have included two rolls clear packing tape totaling 110 yds – plenty to seal up these boxes. Plus we include a clam dispenser which is a nice little addition you can use with all of your tapes. It’s quick and easy to dispense tape if you’re not as comfortable using the heavy duty dispensers or you just don’t have one.

This moving kit also includes a black marker to denote the contents of each moving box and what is the destination room. The remaining packing supplies are 25 feet of 3/16 (small) bubble wrap and three pounds of packing paper. The bubble wrap is perfect for providing surface protection and shock absorption for most of your fragile items you’ll be moving. It’s perforated every 12 inches for easy tear off sheets.

A lot of moving box kits on the market include some type of bubble wrap, however few offer packing paper – which is critical for any move. The reason why packing paper is so important to packing and protecting your belongings is that packing paper is the one item that can provide ALL three different levels of protection: Surface Protection, Cushioning, and Void/Fill! This makes it not only great protection but cost effective and convenient. Don’t settle for a moving kit that doesn’t have packing paper.

The Bigger Boxes and Wardrobe Kits have the same moving supplies as the Standard package but the only difference is the moving boxes. Instead of having ten small moving boxes the Bigger kit includes five large boxes. Although there are fewer boxes the total cubic feet is actually 25% higher at 36.45 cubic feet! So if you don’t need small boxes the Bigger Boxes kit is the better value.

Finally, the Wardrobe kit has six mediums, four large and one wardrobe box. This is great to pack your hanging clothes so this would be an ideal fit for a bedroom.