Home Staging A Bathroom

How to stage a bathroom for a home sale

De-clutter and Depersonalize

  • Thin out your drawers and pack away items in a home staging moving box kit
  • Put daily items in a basket or bag in drawer
  • Remove all cloth toilet lid covers
  • Put away scatter rugs
  • Place garbage can under sink or out of sight
  • Remove soaps and toiletries from bath, shower, and counter tops. Leave one decorative liquid soap container at most. Pack up in small moving boxes

Deep Clean and Repair

  • Good cleaning is extremely important
  • Soft scrub the sinks, tubs, toilets and shower walls
  • Replace leaky faucets
  • Replace old fixtures
  • Clean drawers
  • Clean vents and fans
  • Dust ceiling and molding
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Use toothbrush on grout, tub, shower, sink, and floor. Don’t forget the toilets!
  • Clean or replace shower curtain and keep it drawn
  • Repair any cracking or peeling around showers. Caulk around edges of sink and shower if needed
  • Get rid of all mold and stains

Home Staging Extras

  • New matching towels for the bathroom add a lot and are inexpensive
  • Colorful hand towels and simple accents show off your sparkling bath
  • Leave only a few decorative toiletries, consolidated in a basket or tray
  • Roll up 3 white towels in a wicker basket with toiletries
  • Liquid Soap only
  • Lids should be down