Picture Moving Boxes

  1. 5 Sets of 2 pieces each
    10 Picture Box Pieces total
    Minimum Size 30" x 22"
    Maximum Depth is 4-inches
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $45.73 Regular Price $53.80

  2. 3 Sets of 4 pieces each
    12 Picture Box Pieces total
    Minimum Size 30" x 22"
    Maximum Depth is 4-inches
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $58.80

  3. 6 Sets of 30" x 40"
    2 Sets of 40" x 60"
    20 Picture Box Pieces Total
    Maximum Depth is 4-inches
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $79.90 Regular Price $94.00

  4. 30" x 48" 4 Mil

    Protect your pictures from dust & water damage


Mirror and Picture Moving Boxes 

Click Here for Packing Instructions

Picture moving boxes and mirror boxes are a must for most living and family rooms. If you have artwork, photographs, mirrors, or any wall item these are a great way to make sure they arrive in mint condition.  The beauty of our picture moving boxes is that they are all fit to size. The set is made up of two pieces that slide together to perfectly fit the object you are trying to protect.

In other words, it isn't a one size fits all moving box with a lot of extra empty space. Remember movement created by empty space is what causes the most damage. As a result, it is critical to pack fragile and valuable belongings like pictures and mirrors in picture boxes and mirror boxes that fit correctly. We break down the simplest way to pack your living room/family room and most importantly, how to pack pictures for moving.

Tips for Packing the Living Room/Family Room

The living and family rooms in many cases require the least amount of packing of moving boxes. Certainly, nothing compared to a room such as a kitchen. However, the few items that need to be packed in family rooms are often very valuable – and fragile. Items like stereos, mirrors, pictures, televisions, lamps, paintings, and such typically will require some special care and probably their own customized moving boxes.

Pictures and mirrors are unusual items to pack due to their large yet thin size. Often times they are too big to fit in a normal moving box, and even if the wall items fit they are too awkwardly thin to be protected adequately. Because of this problem, it is important that your mirror and picture moving boxes are designed to be fit to size so as to conform to the size of your valuable item. This system differs from typical one size fits all moving boxes.

The second step you must take to assure your mirrors and other wall pieces arrive at your new home in the same condition they started in is how you pack the items. Just throwing them in a moving box, even exact size boxes, will still not be satisfactory. You must provide a cushion in between the moving box and the mirror/picture. This is different than wrapping the items in protective cushioning which we will talk about next. This protective layer is designed to provide shock protection for movement as opposed to direct contact damage.  The best way to provide this protective layer is with packing paper. Take the paper and roll them into cylinders. These will line the four sides of the moving box to be a bumper in between the mirror and the box.

Next, you will want to wrap these items in either paper or furniture pads depending on the size of the objects. This is the protective layer that prevents scratches or other damage from direct contact with the wall item. Cushion the remaining two sides with paper cylinders and slide the last box piece over the open end. After you securely tape the two pieces together it is important to store on end and not flat.  This is a critical point because by placing on its front or back you expose the glass to the pressure that will likely cause it to crack.

This moving box and packing system works great for round objects and even glass from coffee tables too!

Lamps and shades

Lamp sets are another piece of furniture that you might have in your living and family room and can be fragile. The lamp itself is often thin and an odd shape and may require it’s own Lamp box.

First, you will want to break the Lamp down into separate parts. Remove the shade and harp, and unscrew the light bulb. These parts of the lamp are particularly vulnerable to damage because they stick out from the lamp’s end and are thin and fragile. Something could easily bump into these parts and break them off.

The lamp itself will need to be wrapped in packing paper or furniture pads and places in a tall thin box. Make sure when wrapping the lamp the cord is placed outside of lamp so as to not scratch and damage the lamp. After the lamp is in the box fill all sides with soft items like throw pillows, blankets and such to avoid movement.

The shade, lamp, and harp can be placed in their own separate box. The shade will be placed face down in the moving box and filled with paper. Then wrap the lamp harp and light bulb in paper and place in the center of the lamp shade. To see a demonstration on exactly how to pack your lamps and shades like the pros click here.

Stereo & electronics

Electronics such as stereos and televisions are really important because they can be really expensive. Providing extra protection with specialty boxes and will be important and Uboxes carries those moving boxes too.

Wrapping your electronics in paper or pads is a must and in order to not lose your remote pack it with the unit.