Home Staging A Bedroom

Why Stage A Bedroom

De-clutter and Depersonalize

  • Reduce or eliminate the number of photos on tables and chests with small moving boxes
  • Clean off chests and tables Limit magazines and books to one or three
  • Close closet doors and clear floor of clutter
  • Wardrobe moving boxes are great for thinning closets
  • Children's Rooms Limit "kids stuff" on walls Move out TV Clean closets and shelves with wardrobe boxes
  • Deep Clean and Repair Dust Vacuum Clean Carpets Window blinds
  • Ceiling fans Replace Light bulbs with identical
Repair and Updates
  • Repair holes in walls 
  • Fix ceiling cracks
  • Keep paint simple with neutral colors
  • Switch plate covers should be on every outlet
  • Be sure closet doors are in working order

Home Staging Extras Take it to the Bank TIP #5 – Now is a great time to replace outdated accessories with matching comforters or window dressings.

If you’re planning on changing your comforter set anyway, now is the time to do it not later. These updates can improve the master bedroom and turn your bed into a focal point if need be. Plus you get to keep the new set! You can always take it back if you’re just using it for decorative purposes, You don’t need new sheets since they will not be seen. This is easy to do with a “Room-in-a-bag” or “Bed-in-a-bag” from a local department store.

  • Bold colored throw pillows and accents add color
  • Paint walls a neutral color
  • Put throw on end of bed
  • Roll bedding back to show off coordinating sheets if you have them
  • Open a Book or magazine
  • If you have a clock radio, keep it playing soft music
  • Use a Home Staging Box Kit to pack away all personal and unused items