Office & File Boxes

File Boxes For Storage

File Boxes also known as miracle boxes are great for all your important papers as well as just packing up your desk. These filing storage boxes can pack your home office in minutes! Our professional file boxes will hold legal and letter files and get you organized. Keep all of your paperwork, important documents, manuals, receipts and even coin collections in these special filing boxes. Each small filing box comes with an attached lid and requires no tape - simply fold and lock the tabs in place! 

File boxes are specifically designed for business or personal records and are designed to hold letter or legal size folders. File box lid is included. Our file boxes are ideal for personal or business records, recipes or cookbooks, and household records. Organize the files to store your important documents and easily transport with our convenient tote handles.

uBoxes carries a full line of heavy duty file boxes for businesses that need to stack and carry their portable file boxes from location to location. These heavy duty storage boxes for business contracts and important documents measure 15" x 12" x 10" and are easy to carry with handles and a lift off lid. Store flat and easy to assemble for those who need a quick carrying file box. Made of sturdy 200# ECT corrugated cardboard.

Dorm Room File Boxes

Dorm room file boxes save premium space for your other school supplies. Easily organize your work area with stackable file boxes. The storage boxes are easy to assemble and hold a lot of goods in 24” x 12.5” x 10.5” of space. They are sturdy, modern, and will fit into any dorm room décor. With so much paperwork these cheap file boxes help you stay organized in all your classes. Have a big project and need to carry to class? Easily place on a roll cart and these file boxes are portable with easy to carry handles. College students will get a lot of use and organization for their dorm rooms with dorm room file boxes.

File Storage Boxes With Handles Lids

File boxes come in a variety of sizes and meant for different purposes. uBoxes file boxes with lids store important documents such as realtor contracts, title company closing documents, or important business documents and tax paper work. Uboxes file boxes with handles are easily transported to the Accountants, real estate closings, or back and forth from your home office to work office. The handles make it easy to carry the file boxes and the lid keeps the files intact while transporting the important documents or contracts.

Craft Room Stackable File Boxes

When space is a premium and needs organization uBoxes has a full line of strong stackable file boxes. Organize school projects, craft room patterns, memorable family documents, recipies, or anything else you want to organize in convenient stackable file boxes. Best of all you can tote the file box to quilting meetings, family get togethers, or holiday craft parties. Maybe you just want to organize music sheets for your music classroom, or gather specials poems or gardening tips. Whatever your need to organize you will find uBoxes stackable boxes friendly on the wallet and useful to keep your home, classroom, or dorm room tidy.