Packing Tape

  1. 3 Rolls of 2" x 55 yards of Tape with Clamshell

  2. 4 Rolls of 2" x 55 Yards Clear Packing Tape

  3. 2 Rolls of 2" x 55 Yards of Tape with Dispenser

  4. 4 Rolls: (1) Living Room
    (1) Bath Room
    (1) Kitchen
    (1) Bedroom

  5. 6 Rolls: (1) Kitchen
    (2) Bedroom
    (1) Living Room
    (2) Bath Room


Moving Supplies: Use of Packing Tape

If you have ever moved, you know what a hassle it can be. In order to do the job right, you need the right tools. So, you need to go shopping for packing supplies such as boxes and packing tape. Your tape and packing tape dispenser will most likely be the most important tools in your arsenal. This packing tape typically comes pre-installed onto a tape dispenser. This allows you to quickly and easily cut a piece of moving tape in the exact length that you need to seal the top or bottom of a box.

Follow these tips to best utilize your moving supplies and packing supplies. It will make your next moving experience much less stressful.

When using packing tape, or moving tape for boxes, put at least one strip to hold the two flaps on the top and bottom together. One you have applied this strip, apply two more to the top and the bottom. This time, apply them at a 90-degree angle to the original. This will seal all the joints in the box. Without this extra measure, the box could open and cause the contents to spill out. Place the tape onto the box using the tape dispenser pressed tightly to the box's surface. The best packing supplies in the world will not help you if you do not apply them properly to the task at hand.

Take inventory of all the items in the box before you seal it up. Label the box with a letter and place the same letter with the contents on your inventory sheet. This will save you the headache of looking for missing items later. It will also help you to know which boxes to unpack first.