1-2 Room Moving Kits

  1. 18 Boxes & Packing Supplies

    9 Small Moving Boxes
    9 Medium Moving Boxes
    2"x55 yards of Packing Tape
    1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser
    24' of Bubble Roll
    3 lbs of Wrapping Paper 
    1 Marker
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $58.65 Regular Price $69.00
  2. 9 Boxes, 1 Wardrobe & Supplies

    5 Medium Moving Boxes
    2 Small Moving Boxes
    2 Large Moving Boxes
    1 Shorty Wardrobe Box & Bar
    2"x55 yards Tape & Clamshell
    3 lbs of Wrapping paper
    1 Marker
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $61.20 Regular Price $72.00

1 Room Moving Box Kits

Uboxes.com has taken the guesswork out of moving with these convenient, pre-packaged moving out kits.  Our 2-room kits are perfect for moving small spaces such as dorm rooms, 1-2 bedroom apartments, a small home, or a small business.  Basic, Bigger and Wardrobe Box Kits include an ample amount of wrapping paper for wrapping fragile items, while ALL of our 2-room moving box kits include packing tape. From 44 cubic feet in the Economy Kit to 75 cubic feet of moving box space in the Wardrobe Box Kit, this medley of boxes will be your answer for the smaller moving job.  Uboxes.com stocks only the highest quality home moving boxes on the market.  You can always be assured that your personal items will travel safely to their next destination packed inside these cardboard moving boxes and secured with our excellent packing paper, bubble wrap, and other moving supplies.

As always, all orders include FREE SHIPPING and in most states, will be delivered in 1-2 business days! In addition to our boxes and packing supplies, check out the Uboxes.com “Moving Tips” section for helpful moving advice.  The “Moving Checklist” will give you a useful timeline of action items to help you prepare to move in an efficient and organized manner.  Trust Uboxes.com for all your moving needs – always superb products and low prices!   More info>