Medium Moving Boxes

  1. • Fewer Medium Boxes
    • 10 - 18x14x12
    • Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery

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  2. • More Boxes More Space
    • 20 - 18x14x12
    • Shipped in a shrink wrapped bundle
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  3. • Larger Printed Boxes
    • 10 - 18x18x16
    • Shipped WITH a protective shrink wrap cover to ensure safe delivery

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Medium Boxes "The Perfect Box"

Medium boxes are the ideal moving box. It is big enough to put most of your things into it, but not too big that it becomes too heavy to carry once it is full. After packing and moving, these medium moving boxes will quickly become your favorite box.

The most obvious place to start with medium boxes is the kitchen. Unsure how to pack pots and pans? Our medium moving boxes are perfect for pots, pans, dishes, bowls and pretty much everything else. These items will fit in this box without making it too heavy to carry. In order to pack your dishes correctly, you'll probably add a layer of cushion with packing paper in the box itself. After this wrap and roll with paper individually and then again with three plates together.

Always put heavy items on the bottom and then stack on their edge in the medium moving box. Remember: dishes and most other items are stronger on their edge than laid flat. Plus, wrapping them together in a bundle makes them that much stronger. Additionally, uBoxes' Glass and Dish packs fit the Small Premium Moving Box and are the best way to protect stemware and glasses.

If you have kids then Medium Moving Boxes are a life saver.  Just put them to work packing their toys. It's a great babysitter plus it saves you some packing time!

What shouldn't I put in the medium moving boxes? If you put REALLY heavy things in these medium moving boxes be prepared for a weight of 60 plus pounds. Also, REALLY bulky items probably will not fit. Just about anything else is a possibility.

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