Mattress & Lamp Boxes

  1. Pack of 5 Tall Lamp Boxes 12" x 12" x 48"
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Mattress and Lamp Boxes

Lamp sets are another piece of furniture that you might have in your living and family room and can be fragile. The lamp itself is often thin and an odd shape and may require its own lamp box for moving.

First, you will want to break the Lamp down into separate parts. Remove the shade and harp, and unscrew the light bulb. These parts of the lamp are particularly vulnerable to damage because they stick out from the lamp’s end and are thin and fragile. Something could easily bump into these parts and break them off.

The lamp itself will need to be wrapped in packing paper or furniture pads and places in a tall thin box. Make sure when wrapping the lamp the cord is placed outside of lamp so as to not scratch and damage the lamp. After the lamp is in the lamp moving box, fill all sides with soft items like throw pillows, blankets and such to avoid movement.

The shade, lamp, and harp can be placed in their own separate box. The shade will be placed face down in the moving box and filled with paper. Then wrap the lamp harp and light bulb in paper and place in the center of the lamp shade.