X-Large Moving Boxes

The Extra Large Moving Boxes are exactly as described EXTRA LARGE!

You might be thinking if they’re three times as large as the medium moving box then I’ll just buy the extra large moving boxes and save some money. However, that isn’t the way it works. It would be impossible to put certain items in these extra large moving boxes and still carry them. For example, if you loaded this large shipping box with canned goods it would weigh 200 lbs!

If you’re going to fill this moving box up and be able to move it you need to start in the bedroom.

Light and bulky items off your bed are perfect for our Extra Large Moving Boxes - things like pillows, blankets, and comforters.

Some of the combinations you might use the Extra Large moving boxes for would be: five standard size pillows, two to three King and Queen size comforters, one King size comforter and three pillows. Depending on how large your lamp shades are you might be able to put them in the X-Large box as well.