Small Moving Boxes

What Fits in the Small Moving Box?

The Small Moving Boxes are designed for items that are small and heavy like a DVD collection or your collection of books.

You may have to break up your book or CD collection into several different small shipping boxes, but this is necessary in order to be more manageable.

You are probably asking how many CD's can fit into the small boxes and how much will it weigh when it's completely full?

To give you a feel for what the 16" x 10" x 10" moving box holds here are a few examples: Three of the heavier items that many people will pack in the small moving box are CD’s, canned goods, and books. The weight of these items will be somewhere around 35 - 45 pounds.

It's almost like CD manufacturers had this box in mind when they were deciding on the size of a CD because 144 fits perfectly in this box with little movement. Also, the weight will top out at about 37 pounds.

The heaviest items you'll probably pack in this box are canned goods with an assortment of 40 canned goods filling it up and the weight is around 45 pounds.

If you have lots of books to pack, the small shipping boxes are a must! You could fit 24 average size hardback books and the box will weigh about 38 pounds when you load the moving truck with it.  The small boxes for shipping, packing, and moving are perfect for smaller, heavier items.

Finally, if you still live in the 80's then you'll need to know that 180 cassette tapes will fit into this box and it will weigh about 40 pounds. Keep in mind if you are saying 35 – 45 pounds is still too heavy, then break up the heavier items and combine them with some lighter items like DVD's or VHS tapes.

The small moving box will hold 44 VHS tapes and only weigh 18 pounds or 48 DVD's and 16 pounds. What shouldn’t I put in it? Probably light and or bulky items like clothes or fans and that big teddy bear you won for your wife at the fair when you were first dating.