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UBoxes produces the highest quality packing boxes with FREE shipping direct to your door.

In order to safely move your belongings, it is important to remember three critical points. First, choose a company that can provide you discount moving boxes but not cheap moving boxes. Second, you should buy moving boxes for the right item you are packing.  Finally, how you pack has a huge impact on how well your belongings are protected.

The three things that you should keep in mind when you are ready to buy moving boxes is 1) Find quality boxes at a great price, 2) Be aware that you want to choose the right box for the right item you are packing, and 3) How you pack is just as important as anything else.

First, Uboxes’ offers discount moving boxes (NOT cheap moving boxes) that are brand new and of the highest quality direct to you from our manufacturing facility. We don't sell overruns or "new" with printing errors. We don't need to buy “irregular” and claim “New” to sell low.

As the manufacturer, we utilize a breakthrough process to test the strength of our corrugated boxes known as 32 ECT (Edge Crushed Test) which is more commonly known as 200lb test. This test meets all acceptable industry standards and is in accordance with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper (Item 222/Rule 41). Additionally, our packing boxes are formatted Length x Width x Height.

Second, there should be some thought put into the box you are choosing and what you want it to accomplish. Heavy items can’t go into the really large boxes, it would weigh too much. Why put hanging clothes into traditional boxes they will get wrinkled. Do you really want to trust your Television to a typical moving box when you could get a double strength reinforced one instead?

Uboxes has the right boxes for moving and packing for all of your need plus we offer FAST FREE shipping! Our Small, Medium, and Large Moving Boxes, as well as the Electronics and File box, are all shipped flat in a protective master box.

The Small Moving Boxes come in bundles of 25 and are used for small heavy items. Eighty percent of household items could fit into the Medium Moving Boxes and they come packaged in increments of 20. The Large Moving Boxes come 15 to a package but are really made for your light and bulky things.

The Extra Large, Mirror, Kitchen, Wardrobe and Lamp moving boxes are folded given their larger size. This makes it easier for our customers and our shipping partners to lift and carry compact packages.  If you have items that are REALLY bulky and light then a good choice would be the Extra Large Moving Boxes which comes 10 in a bundle. The Mirror Box is designed for your Wall items and come in two different sizes and three different sets. If you have a kitchen (and most people do) the Kitchen Box is a must. It’s made stronger for your Kitchen breakables, has handles for easy lifting, and comes four to a set. Finally, the Lamp Box set is as you would have guessed for your Lamps and Shades and contains two different boxes in a set and five sets in a bundle.

Finally, the key to protecting your valuable possessions in your move is not just selecting good boxes for moving but learning how to pack correctly. It is critical to understand that shifting of contents is what damages the moving boxes and ultimately your belongings inside. So make sure to cushion the contents inside with packing material and fill up any extra space. Remember if it’s important enough to take the time to move then it’s important enough to pack right.