Laundry Room

Why Stage A Laundry Room?

Home Staging laundry room

CleanThe Laundry Room

  • Make sure closets and cabinets are neat and organized
  • Thin them out with Medium Moving Boxes so there is plenty of room
  • Hallways Keep floors clean and clear
  • Touch up nicks in the walls
  • Clean cobwebs
  • Turn on a light

Organize The Laundry Room

  • Get rid of excess hangers and hanging laundry with Wardrobe Boxes Use only white plastic hangers
  • Put away soaps, cleaner
  • Make sure all light bulbs work and have adequate wattage
  • Clean and empty counters, sinks, and washer and dryer
  • Temporarily store dirty laundry in washer and dryer
  • Make room bright¬†

Clean The Basement

  • Keep stored items and moving boxes in one corner only
  • Be sure furnace, water heater, sump pump are in good condition
  • Alleviate odors and dampness by repairing and cleaning problem
  • Deodorants draw attention to a problem

General Take it to the Bank Tip # 6 - Concentrate on the Focal Points. Identify the parts of the house that stand like a fireplace, bay window, hardwood floors, and cabinetry. Emphasize with furniture arrangement like a sitting area and such. Also, bigger focal points might need bigger accessories ie. fireplaces and bay windows.