Moving Crates

  1. Stackable crates for storage
    Use to maximize your space
    Hand-held zip-tie closure
    100% recyclable plastic
    As low as $43.31

  2. Stackable crates for storage
    Use to maximize your space
    100% recyclable plastic
    Handle up to 100lbs
    As low as $42.50

  3. Portable: Handheld Dolly For Plastic Crates (SOLD SEPARATELY)

  4. Container Volume 6.7 cu.ft. max hold 220 lbs
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $120.75 Regular Price $157.50

Plastic Moving Crates

The sturdy plastic moving crates are a practical solution for replacing the typical cardboard moving boxes when tranporting goods on a regular basis. The sturdy moving crates are reusable and durable for protecting goods. The plastic moving crates offered by UBMOVE™ are rigid and designed to be stackable. The top section of each moving crate is configured to house the bottom part of another crate and eliminate the movement of stacked crates. This function is detrimental in reducing the risk of crates shifting during transit and storage. These plastic moving crates are manufactured with strength and stackability in mind. The uncompromising capability of plastic moving crates offers the ultimate protection for the content. The top closure of the moving crates is secured in place without any need for packing tapes.

Securing Moving Crates

The moving supply experts at UBMOVE™ are certain of the sturdiness of all plastic moving crates. They strongly recommend the use of packing supplies to secure the content. Our experience has shown that the culprit for most damages to products is the shifting of the items in the boxes. While UBMOVE™ plastic moving crates are designed to protect against exterior forces. The contanier themselves cannot stop items from moving inside the crates. To remedy this hazard, use cushioning agents like Packing Peanuts, Air-Pillows, and Bubble Roll Wraps. Packing items separated and cushioned between themselves and the interior walls of the moving crates is the key to a damage-free move.

Reusable Plastic Moving Crates

The moving crates are manufactured to last through many moves and are also great to store items after the move is completed. The storage crates can be used as secure storage in the garage or for businesses to store their products. Labeling the moving crates with contents saves valuable time during inventory. The moving crates can be stacked securely 4 to 8 units at a time on top of a dolly for an easy move by one worker This technique will reduce the labor costs as well as the potential for back injuries.

Use Moving Crates At The Office

Moving crates are not only for moving they are also a great tool to use in the storage room in the offices. The crates will not bend, collapse or fold under pressure. They can be easily stacked on the floor or shelves. Unlike banker boxes and other corrugated boxes, the plastic moving crates will not absorb moisture. This is a great function in preserving files and documents. Attaching a simple label of contents is an easy solution to organizing and finding important documents.