Wardrobe Moving Boxes

The Wardrobe Moving Box

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Wardrobe boxes are actually a fun moving box because it’s the only box that is specially designed for your hanging wardrobe. You don’t have to awkwardly carry your clothes to the car or the moving truck and drape them in the backseat only to have them slide off in a tangled mess once you get to your new home. Plus because they are 44 ECT, the wardrobe boxes hold up the extra weight that hanging clothes add.

Each Wardrobe Box holds about a half a standard size closet (four-foot closet). So if you have an entire closet full you’ll need two. If you have a walk-in closet just divide the linear feet of hanging clothes by two and that will tell you how many wardrobe moving boxes you’ll need.

Tips for Packing the Bedroom The bedroom is pretty simple. Clothes can go in any size box but Large Moving Boxes and Extra Large Moving Boxes work well.

Hanging Clothes

A great way to pack hanging clothes is with Wardrobe Moving Boxes. These are like portable closets that you can actually keep after the move! They include a metal hanger and you can easily move your clothes from the closet right to the box. This is the easy way to transport the clothes in the closet and keep them wrinkle free! Plus you can wrap your shoes and place them in the bottom of the wardrobe moving box.

Pictures and Mirrors Pictures and Mirrors can be especially fragile and valuable so it’s important you pack correctly with the right moving boxes. Our Mirror/Picture Moving Boxes come in two sizes and are made to fit any size.

First, wrap the mirror in packing paper or our furniture pads, roll, and apply tape. Second, roll cylinders of packing paper and line two sides of the moving box. This adds a little bit of cushion. Add the mirror and then line the remaining sides with more packing paper cylinders. Finally, put the second section over the open end.  Remember to store on its end NOT flat.


 Our protective dust covers are perfect to protect your mattress and box spring. Just remove and slip over. But don’t forget you need two – one for the mattress and one for the box spring. Compare our wardrobes here