Moving Kits

Moving Kits

Choose the Moving Kit that's right for you offers complete moving kits, designed to give you everything you need for your move.  Each moving kit contains different products but an example kit could contain house boxes, bubble cushion wrap, packing tape, packing paper, and a marker!  We offer basic moving kits for up to 10 rooms.  Optional kits with bigger boxes are also available, as well as wardrobe kits.  If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, you can build your own custom moving kit online, right here at  Or just contact customer service online in Website Chat in the upper left corner.  Plus you get FREE shipping! Make your move easier with a complete moving kit from

Moving Box Kits come in every shape and size, but the key to a quality moving kit is that it has an assortment of valuable packing boxes for sale and packing supplies that you will need as a mover.  What you don’t want is a one size fits all kit package that was put together to make it easier for the seller to sell boxes.  This makes for great marketing but not so great moving.  It’s important that some actual thought was put into the kit design so they contain the correct packing boxes and packing supplies.

uBoxes Has A Large Selection Of Moving Box Kits

With – you have over 30 different moving kits to choose from.  In order to make it easier for you to determine which one is right for you, we have broken them down by a number of rooms (up to 10).  Additionally, each room choice has three different packages to choose from Standard Package, Bigger Boxes package, and Wardrobes Kits.

The “Standard” moving kit is going to contain an assortment of moving supplies including 3/16 Bubble cushion wrap, packing paper, packing tape with a clam dispenser, and a black marker.  The main difference between the “Standard” package and the other kits is that it includes some smaller boxes whereas the other two types of kits do not.  The smalls are definitely a must for movers but sometimes you don’t need any more small boxes.  This is why we developed our “Bigger Boxes” moving kits.

Bigger Boxes” kits are going to have the same amount of supplies as the “Standard” package, but the only difference is we have replaced the small boxes with larger boxes.  The main positive of this is the actual cubic feet of box space has increased.  So even though you might be getting fewer boxes your packing potential has increased!

For example, our 3 room Moving Kits are as follows: Standard Kit: 20 Smalls, 20 Mediums, and 15 Larges -108 Cubic Feet Bigger Boxes:20 Mediums, 10 Larges, and 10 X-larges -119 Cubic Feet.

As you can see if all you’re looking for is the most box carrying potential then the “Bigger Boxes” moving kits are the better buy.

Wardrobe Box Kits Move Clothes From Closet To Closet

The last package we have available are the “Wardrobe Kits.”  As you can probably guess the big difference here is they include our Wardrobe moving boxes with metal bars to hang your hanging clothes while moving.  This is nice because you can easily transport the clothes in your closet without getting them wrinkled.

The 1 room moving kit and the 2 room moving kit have been designed with fewer regular boxes even though they have the Wardrobe box.  This has allowed us to keep the price about the same as the other two packages.

The 3 room kits and up are designed to be exactly like the Bigger Boxes kits except we’ve added the wardrobes which are why the “Wardrobe Kits” are more expensive than Standard and Bigger packages.

Finally, if you don’t see what you're looking for no problem!  You can Build Your Own Kit right from the factory.  Just choose your packing boxes for sale and your packing supplies and you’re done.  Your custom kit will probably be assembled and shipped that day!  So feel free to browse around and be assured you’re getting the best kits in the business.