Large Moving Boxes

Packing Closets and Kids Toys with the Large Moving Boxes

There are big closets, small closets, and cluttered closets. The first thing you have to do is decide are you a pack rat. Do you still keep those jeans in hopes of squeezing into them someday? How about those old t-shirts you keep for painting, mowing and other dirty work- do you really need 20 of those? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you have a full closet, and you’re going to need to buy large boxes.

Sweatshirts, jeans, shoes, and bedding are all good examples of what you might be packing in wardrobe boxes from your closet into the large moving boxes to just make sure not to overload it too much – you might think about just throwing away old ripped or stained clothes.

The toy room is another place that you should use the large moving boxes. Now you need to decide do you want to consolidate now or later. If you thin out the toys before you move you’re going to need fewer large moving boxes now, but it’s going to be more work. Please two boxes for the children to sort their toys. One to keep and perhaps a box to donate to your local charity. You may also decide to hold a garage sale. 

A good rule of thumb to determine how many large moving boxes you’ll need is:

Step 1 Start with a bundle of boxes and place similar type items together. Keep electronics in one box while dolls or soft toys in another box. 

Step 2 Have packing materials handy to protect more delicate toys 

Step 3  Properly pack all electronics to avoid breakages such as Xbox, PlayStation, and games

Step 4 Make sure to fill any voids with packing paper or bubble to keep the boxes firm and items from moving around.

Step 5 Remember doing the work up front lessens the load after the move. If you are up to your eyeballs in toys and need to have a garage sale Uboxes has stickers for prices to make it easy. The good thing is, no matter how many boxes you need, you can buy quality large moving boxes from! Save time and money when you buy large boxes from us. One more thing, Good Luck!