Dorm / College Kits

  1. 8 Boxes and Supplies
    4 Large, 4 Medium
    1 Roll of 2x55 tape
    1 Clamshell dispenser
    60 Moving Labels
    3# paper, and 1 Marker
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $42.50 Regular Price $50.00

  2. 4 Small Boxes
    6 Medium Boxes
    60 Moving Labels
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $42.50 Regular Price $50.00

  3. Quick Stack File Boxes
    Long Drawer Style
    24" x 12.5" x 10.5"
    2 Pack
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $57.90 Regular Price $68.12

  4. 6 Large Boxes
    6 Shipping Labels
    1 roll of tape
    Ship to and from anywhere in the US
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $217.94 Regular Price $256.40

Moving Ideas for College Student During Summer Break

All college students, as well as their parents, face the dilemma of what to do with their college students belongings during the summer when schools are out. To keep an unoccupied residence proven to be unnecessarily costly while packing the car and moving them to the parent’s house for a short period of time does not seem a great idea either. The most cost-effective and popular option remains is packing and storing the students’ possessions in self-storage rooms. Paying for a small unit which could easily house many college students’ moving boxes without breaking the bank.

Dorms Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

uBoxes has been the pioneer in offering a College Dorm Kit complete with different size moving box kits along with a perfect collection of packing supplies. College dorm moving boxes and packing supplies kit has been put together by our moving experts to assure enough of each item to pack a typical dorm room. The Dorm Box Kit will conveniently arrive at the dorm with no shipping charges. The Dorm Moving Box kit is also priced with the students’ limited budget in mind. The economical price eliminates the risk of breakage and other perils associated by using used-boxes or picking up boxes from grocery stores that may contain food and pests.

College Moving Boxes Kit

uBoxes’ College Moving Box Kits is comprised of 4 large boxes and 4 medium moving boxes which should more than enough to accommodate the contents of a dorm room. The students with more than average contents can also order additional packing boxes if needed. uBoxes offers a complete collection of moving boxes and specialty boxes in different sizes. Ordering moving boxes in large to small sizes and specialty boxes such as TV Boxes or wardrobe boxes is only a click away and all will be delivered to the colleges across the US with free shipping for any order over $35.00.

The College Dorm Moving Kit also contains an assortment of packing supplies including the packing tape as well as labels for the moving boxes. Students can order additional packing supplies from at the same time they are ordering the College Moving Kit for a safe and secure move. The affordable packing supplies offered by uBoxes are essential in safely moving some of the pricier items students may own such as flat-screen TV sets. These TVs should be packed with bubble rolls prior to inserting them in the TV Moving Boxes. Spending few extra dollars on correctly packing costly items like microwaves and TV sets will pay for itself considering the replacement or repair costs for such expensive items.

Planning the Move for College Students

Use the following tools when planning to move on a budget during the college breaks:

  • Power of a Crowd – Gather several roommates or classmates to help each other to move the contents of your dorm room during the summer break or when you are graduating. Having more than one person during packing and especially carrying the moving boxes will do the job quicker while limiting the possibility of back injuries.

  • Inventory – Make an Inventory of everything being packed, this will help in ordering enough moving boxes and packing supplies

  • Order Moving Supplies – The College Dorm Moving Kits by uBoxes is a pre-determined selection of moving boxes and packing supplies taking the guessing game out of your planning.

  • Self-Storage Rental – Reserve your self-storage unit early especially in smaller college towns with limited access to these facilities. Compare prices of small and large storage units and calculated if it would cost less to share a unit with one or more of your friends. If deciding on multiple small units you can ask the manager for a volume discounts as well.

  • Moving Truck – Prior to reserving a moving truck go through you and your friend's inventory and decide if you can move everything in all the cars owned by the group. This will result in another saving by eliminating the cost of renting a moving truck. If leasing a truck is deemed necessary, try to use the same truck in moving for everyone and split the costs of the truck rental, mileage, and fuel costs.