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Why do I need a UBMOVE Container Moving Kit? Ever since containers were introduced to the market the idea of do-it-yourself packing of household items for a move has revolutionized the moving industry. While there are many different companies offering container moving the concept remains the same. The company will drop off a moving container in front of the property for homeowners to pack it at their leisure. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of container moving have been instrumental to their increasing popularity with consumers. However, all these advantages have also created some challenges for untrained homeowners.

One of the dilemmas they face is learning how to properly pack the moving containers. To pack like the pros DIY movers need to know:

  1. What kind of packing supplies do you need to pack the container
  2. How many moving boxes and supplies to purchase
  3. How to properly load the container

 The experts at  UBMOVEhave come to the rescue in response to these questions through their selection of UBMOVE container moving kits. These kits are designed to take the guesswork out by offering ample supplies to pack containers of different sizes. In addition, the UBMOVE container moving kits are designed to cost much less than if the packing supplies are purchased separately. Each kit contains enough corrugated moving boxes along with related packing supplies, rope, and blankets to secure and protect the loaded container. Although, the moving container kits are carefully designed to accommodate a specific container size there are additional supplies to consider to perfectly secure the items in the containers. If ordering more than one container just add another UBMOVE kit for the second container.


UBMOVE container supplies consist of a selection of packing supplies unique to container moves. The moving blankets are one of the most important items on this list. Securing the furniture and other heavier items is detrimental to reducing the risk of damage. Covering items with moving blankets and securing them with rope is of utmost importance.  Most damages to contents happen due to the shift of the items during transit. The ratchet straps offer an even better solution to hold down heavier items like appliances and furniture. Ratchet straps are stronger than rope while offering an easy-to-use tie-down in hoisting large items in the containers. Ask if your container will have side rails to secure items with ratchet straps or rope. Also, consider moving straps to lift heavier furniture or appliances so you do not injure yourself. Simplify and move like a pro!

Container Packing Supply Kit

The container supplies by UBMOVE also offer different types of heavy-duty padlocks designed to fit different moving containers. The locking system in most moving containers will work with typical short-shank locks while others require long-shank locks or flat locks.  The best and most cost-effective solution for packing supplies is UBMOVE container packing supply kit. The kit contains the necessary items to move like the pros with secure packing of moving containers. The container packing supplies consist of bubble rolls, packing papers, ratchets, ropes, padlocks, packing tape, and dispensers.