Kitchen Boxes and Kits

  1. (4 Sets) Dish & Glass Pack Partitions Fits in 18"x18"x28" Box

    Each Partition Includes:
    Two 16-Cell Partitions
    One 9-Cell Partition
    Two Square Divider Pads

  2. 4 Boxes 18 x 18 x 28"
    Double Wall Extra Strength!

    NOT the weaker 44 ect. PLUS 27% more space per box BIGGER than the competition!
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $58.80

  3. 4 Premium Small Boxes
    4 Partitions
    48 Dish Foam Pouches
    24 Glass Foam Pouches
    3 lbs of Packing Paper
    55 yards of Packing Tape
    1 Dispenser & 1 Marker
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $54.95 Regular Price $64.64
    Out of stock
  4. 2 Kitchen Boxes 18x18x28"
    2 Dish & Glass Partitions
    3 lbs of Packing Paper
    55 yards of Packing Tape
    1 ClamShell Dispenser
    1 Marker
    After Instant Rebate Special Price $54.95 Regular Price $64.64


Kitchen Moving Boxes

The uBoxes Double Wall Kitchen moving box is the same as Professional Movers use. This means it has twice the strength as a typical moving box. Do not risk your breakable dishes, bowls, glasses and such and settle for the inferior 32 ECT or 44 ECT. To see the difference watch this “Pack Like the Pros” clip.

The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house to get packed correctly. Dishes, bowls, china, appliances and much more are expensive and fragile. Not only are certain dish packing boxes and kitchen moving boxes needed but knowing how to pack them is essential.

Tips for Packing the Kitchen

Kitchen boxes and dish moving boxes are a great way to protect your dishes and fragile kitchen items. Dish packing boxes must be Double Wall (not 32ect or 44ect) so it’s strong enough to protect your valuable items.

Dishes -  To pack dish boxes correctly first crinkle 6-8 pieces of packing paper and place at the bottom of the box.Taking the heavy to light approach start with your dishes, and either put a dish in a foam pouch or wrap and roll in the paper. After you do three dishes stack on top of each other and wrap and roll the bundle of three with paper. Then stack on its edge in the moving box. This is important because the dished are stronger on edge together than separately laid flat.

Bowls-  After you do this several times and finish the first layer add another layer of eight crinkled pieces of paper and start the second layer with your bowls. Wrap and roll a bowl then stack three together. Wrap and roll all three together and place on its edge. Repeat to finish the second layer.

Silverware -  Silverware is obviously a light item and can be placed on the last layer. You will use the wrap and roll method, with a twist. Put 2-3 utensils at the bottom of the paper and roll 2 times. Put in another 2-3 utensils and roll 2 times. Repeat. Place at the top of moving boxes. You will do the same technique with knives except writing on the outside of paper “Knives”.

Casserole Dishes - When packing Casserole dishes wrap and roll the base first. Turn the lid upside down and set inside the dish and wrap and roll the entire set. Don’t forget to set on its side in the moving boxes. Small Appliances

Packing small appliances such as a blender may take an extra step. Take the blender and separate all the parts. Wrap and roll the base. Before you wrap the glass piece fill it with paper to prevent cracking. Wrap the lid and stick in top upside down.

Will the Kitchen Moving Box be too heavy if I fill it up with dishes? This definitely has the potential to be the heaviest box you move. However, the added weight is worth it to ensure your dishes arrive same.