Container Supplies

  1. $19.99

  2. - Textile Moving Blankets Qty: 6
    - 1 Lock
    - 2 Container Straps

  3. - Textile Moving Blankets Qty: 12
    - 1 Lock
    - 2 Container Straps

  4. - Textile Moving Blankets Qty: 24
    - 1 Lock
    - 2 Container Straps

  5. Long Shank Padlock Total height: 4” Clearance height: 2 3/16” Barb thickness: 1/4”

  6. Pack of 2 padlocks 1 1/2” length shank Height of the clearance: 2 3/16”

  7. 1-1/2" 40 MM
    Heavy Duty laminated chrome plated Padlock

  8. 1-1/2" 40 MM
    Heavy Duty laminated chrome plated Padlock

  9. Heavy Duty Round Lock for Moving and Storage

  10. Ratchet Strap (1 Pack) 1" x 12-feet with Chrome dipped S hooks

  11. Ratchet Strap (2 Pack) 1" x 12-feet 650LB working load

  12. $6.95

  13. 1/4" x 50' (Yellow) Rope is perfect for securing items.




With the popularity of moving containers on the rise, there are new challenges for homeowners in purchasing the right packing supplies for their move. Although there are ample online videos to guide them through loading the containers the confusion for moving supplies for containers still exists. Subsequently, the experts at UBMOVE™ realized the need and utilized their vast experience to offer a moving container packaging solution. The Container Moving Kit started the whole program by offering a collection of moving boxes and packing supplies. The moving kit was designed based on the container size and what consumers will need to pack and secure it for moving.


The next step was to offer the option of enhancing the Container Moving Kits by the consumer based on their specific needs. The container packing supplies were added in response to this need. After studying customers orders and different analyses, UBMOVE™ included additional packing supplies to complement their Container Moving Kits. They realized that unlike what other moving kits offer, people who use the containers for their move have different requirements.


Although moving container locks are necessary many customers forget this small item. Visit the different types of locks for your container style requirement to secure your load. During their research UBMOVE™ realized that the locks cannot be universal and one size fits all for all containers. Some containers require long shank locks while others don’t.  The heavy-duty locks offered by UBMOVE™ are designed to comply with the requirements of different moving container manufacturers.


While most people use ropes to secure the contents of moving containers using ratchets is impressively superior to ropes. The ratchet system is by far stronger and also locks in its place securely reducing the risk of loosening up. One of the reasons for the popularity of ropes against ratchets remain in cost and also knowing how to use a ratchet. The costs can be easily justified by the level of security ratchets offer and may be reused. Reducing the risk of costly damages is well worth the few extra dollar costs of the ratchet straps. Additionally, learning how to use the ratchets is much simpler than most people would think and all it takes is to try to use one.


Textile Moving Blankets are another must-have packing supplies for moving containers. All professional movers will not attempt packing or loading their trucks without moving blankets. There are many different types and sizes of moving blankets on the market. However, UBMOVE™ recommends the textile blankets over others. Textile blankets are very cost-effective while offering a great level of protection. They can be used for your move and utilized for other uses at home like home renovations.