Other Tips

Renovating A Home

General Tips For Home Staging

Identify the parts of the house that stand out like a fireplace, bay window, hardwood floors, or cabinetry. Follow up with paying extra attention to furniture arrangement like a sitting area and bedrooms. Also, while the bigger focal points may need bigger accessories but you should refrain from over-accessorizing.


  • Clean or replace old and soiled carpets. Beige or light-colored plush or Berber carpets is the best choice
  • Replace light bulbs with all the same type and wattage, ideally clear with the exception to use brighter light bulbs in the dark areas of the house
  • Clean fireplaces, glass doors, and mantels
  • Check for odors, smoke, pet odors, laundry, mildew
  • Wash all windows
  • Check the fixtures and modernize all out-dated fixtures, simplicity goes a long way and do not have to  necessarily be expensive fixtures
  • Keep all curtains and blinds open during the day
  • Keep one large picture or one group of three small pictures per room.
  • Keep soft music playing during showings, Jazz or easy listening music work the best
  • Use neutral colors in all paintings, others may not share your taste of colors
  • Your home should be as appealing as the window displays in a mall, inviting and enticing
  • Natural lighting is best while you can use a lamps the dark corners of the house if necessary
  • Use a fork to lift and raise carpet indentations 

To improve carpet stains and burns:

  1. Cut the damaged carpet strands
  2. Cut some strands from an out of the way discrete area such as a closet
  3. Fray the strands and patch the visible area with the fibers and superglue

De-Cluter and Organize the House Prior to Showing

  • Tie up excess electrical cords and hide them behind the furniture
  • Entryway into the rooms should always be kept clear
  • Don’t hesitate to exchange furniture from one room to another to make the rooms look larger and more organized
  • Scented candles are nice but don’t use the candles with very strong perfume or buy products that are made to only cover up odors. Eliminate the cause of bad odors instead. Vinegar is great in containing smells while baking soda is good for garbage bins and cut up lemons for the garbage disposal. Air fresheners aren’t natural so use sparingly.
  • If you have a wide wall use horizontal pictures frames, also for narrow walls and short ceilings use of vertical frames is recommended
  • Fill all holes from removed decorations and picture frames in the walls. There are small containers of plaster available in home improvement stores for minor wall repairs
  • Leaving one wall bare may give the illusion of a larger space
  • Paint over dark paneling and walls. This may require use of primer paint to completely mask the dark paint underneath
  • Turn an ottoman into a coffee table, by placing a tray with coffee cup and book or newspaper on the ottoman
  • Do not use the washer and dryer during showings
  • Keep the house temperature around 70 degrees
  • Be open to objective feedback about your home by asking your Realtor to inquire feedback from buyers’ agents
  • Store items not used on a daily basis off site, in the garage, basement and lastly in closets. Remember Even if you box up the items nicely, too many boxes makes your home appear cluttered and small

When de-cluttering,  decide what to do with items you are removing: Throw them out, give them away, sell them, or pack and store them. uBoxes has all of the moving boxes and packing supplies to assist you with the de-cluttering process at Factory Direct Prices shipped to your door steps.