TV Moving Boxes

TV, LCD, LED Moving Boxes   

Moving a TV or computer monitor is a fragile process. From a 15-inch to a 70-inch plasma, LCD or LED screen, has three adjustable TV boxes for moving to fit. These convenient TV packing boxes are double-walled, corrugated cardboard sleeves that stand up to dents and nicks that can so easily happen during a move. Each sleeve slips securely around the edges of the screen, with packing tape affixing the seams. For added protection, it is recommended you first wrap the screen with uBoxes’ rolls of medium or large bubble wrap, and pack any loose space between the box and screen with our sheets of packing paper. Double layer packing tape over the joints and finally, enclose the entire TV shipping box with stretch wrap to ensure the joints stay closed and won’t separate as your screen is transported to its next destination. Following these steps will put your mind at ease and your TV will thank you too!