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Affiliate Marketing FAQ's

General Questions:

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

Participating websites can earn commissions on sales generated from their website traffic. Once you apply and are approved to be a Affiliate you will receive a unique tracking code to place links, banners, widgets, videos, text links, emails and other creatives to generate sales.  There is a 30-day cookie window for the customer to place orders to a private label website.

How Do I Become A Affiliate?

affiliates have websites generally related to the moving industry and serve customers for moving such as movers, storage, container moving, moving labor, international or long distance moving. Other related services such as Realtors, title companies, organizational services, Military or Senior Moves find affiliate program services their clients needs. If your website services this type of market we welcome you to apply here:

Are There Any Fees To Setup?

No, there are no fees to set up.

What if I have Multiple Websites?

tracking allows you to add a code in the tracking to identify each website or tracking link setup. Once you have your account you may create multiple links to advertise the many different solutions for Affiliate Marketers.

Is There A Dedicated Affiliate Manager If I Have Questions?

Yes, has a dedicated Manager to answer questions. Please contact us

Can A Moving Company Drop Ship Your Boxes To Our Customers?

Yes, has been working with Movers to send packing materials ahead of time ready for move day for years now. Moving Labor Packers can also have all the packing materials they need to get the customer packed in no time. We also sell Moving Materials in Bulk for Movers.

Marketing Materials:

What Kind of Marketing Material Do You Provide?

You may use Graphics, Banners, Video's, etc... as long as you are marketing private label products. Once you have your advertising material you will hyperlink your personal tracking link created from your personal affiliate account. Affiliate links may only be advertised on family friendly websites.


How Much Commission Will I Earn?

That depends on your website traffic, call centers, email campaigns and other sources of marketing.

Cookies tracked - 45 days

How Will I Get Paid?

Once your account has been established and you earn collectively $50.00 or more in commission you may request a payment through your affiliate account. Please ensure you completely fill out your profile where payments will be mailed.