January 2019

  1. National Bubble Appreciation Day

    National Bubble Appreciation Day
    On January 28th, it is National Bubble Appreciation Day. Over the years, we've become surprised over the various reasons our customers buy our bubble rolls. Whether it be insulating their greenhouse or new arts activities for the kids. We want you to give us your new way to use our bubble rolls, just write a review stating how you use...
  2. How to Pack For A Move

    How to Pack For A Move
    For some individuals, moving can be one of the most distressing tasks they can ever do. But, with the help of proper ways on how to pack for a move, everything will end up successful and enjoyable. Moving can be one of the exciting events you can ever encounter since you will be starting the new chapters of your life...
  3. How To Pack Furniture For Moving

    How To Pack Furniture For Moving
    How to Pack Furniture for Moving One of the challenging items in the house to pack is your furniture items. But make sure that, as the scheduled moving date gets close, you are already done packing your furniture. Below is the list of steps you can consider how to pack furniture effectively. TAKE AN INVENTORY The first thing you need...

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